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New build with pre-planning only

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Over the new few weeks we'll be starting construction of our new home and am I interested in doing home automation for security (no motion sensors due to pets but likely door contacts), whole house audio (still debating between single and 6 zones), energy monitoring (circuit level and therm usage per appliance (if possible)), network connectivity, and remote control/notification options. Likely do a combination of hardwired and zigbee for communications with the attic and basements being accessible for the near-term.

Currently as it stands during construction I'll be pulling probably 24 to 36 cat6 drops with 3/4" smurf-tube just to be safe for future upgrades to a central closet in the basement. Overall looking to keep relatively cheap on the project with doing everything myself.

In looking at things for future planning
1) Does 110v power need to be run anywhere outside of the main distribution point?
2) What should be done up-front before the drywall gets put up? (cabling?, just plan with smurf-tube, if so where?)
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So I'm taking it that during construction doesn't matter, anything can be retrofit?
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If you're considering future video distribution via HDMI, I'd bump the size of the flex conduit up a little bit to accomodate large HDMI connectors, at least to the display locations.

I think motion sensors should be reconsidered, as pet-immune motions are better than they used to be.

Water/flood sensors may be useful in 10 years.

You'll need 110v outlets at the TVs.

DIY Prewiring is a big challenge, without any experience. Do your homework. Cocoontech forums are a good resource.
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