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What are your thoughts about the Samsung UN40D6420UFXZA 40" LED 3D

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Was looking at some screens at BB and this beauty stood out so much among the others. Am I wrong to think this is the best looking TV out there period?

The price tag is around $1100 on sale /w 2 free pairs of glasses , I'm hoping this will be on sale for BF or in the near future does that sound like a possibility or is this model just too good to go on further sale?

How is the 3D on this TV compared to others?

Is there a reason not to get this TV?

Lastly, I see that Samsung only has a 1 year warranty and all I've heard are horror stories about getting PC LCD monitors replaced with them. Are they pretty decent in regards to high dollar item service or would it make sense to pay the extra $200 to get a BB 4 year coverage(usually a rip off, on small cost items)?
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It is rumored that BB makes 100% profit on their extended warantees.
A 40" wide screen TV has the same display height as a 32" standard 4:3 TV, so I don't reccomend a 40" if you currently have a 32" or larger standard 4:3 TV.
If you are a gamer I do not reccomend a Samsung TV being used as as PC monitor due to the excessive lag time.
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This TV has the best features and picture of any TV I have ever owned. That said I have been unable to purchase Apps due to a problem on the Samsung web site. I have spent probably 6 hours on the phone with Samsung technical support and no one there knows how to correct the error on their web site. When I go to purchase App Cash (to purchase some of their Apps) you input a zip code and state and the system brings up a pull down menu which has the city. The problem is my zip code brings up the incorrect city so when I try to finish the transaction, the system rejects the transaction when it pulls the correct information from my credit card billing info. What really lights my jets is the tech support people at Samsung don't know who in their own organization can fix the problem!!

The part of the problem that does not make sense to me is why would Samsung not just allow customers to input their entire credit card billing address in lieu of trying to maintain a data base tying zip codes to cities. That information across the country is changing all the time as cities constantly change their boundaries. While my primary issue is with purchasing Apps, even when I registered as a customer and input my zip code and state, their system overrides my state with an incorrect state!

I became so frustrated trying to work this that I finally wrote the CEO for Samsung Electronics in the US explaining the problem. I also went to the company where I bought the TV and asked them to try and work the problem through their purchasing department. I received a call today from Samsung saying they are working the problem. In all fairness I will believe it when I see it. I was told the same thing by two different Samsung techs more than two weeks ago and nothing has happened. Without additional Apps my wife wants me to return the TV. In all fairness this problem has been too difficult to work and I would really suggest potential customers look at the products of other manufacturers. An issue like this shouldn't be this difficult.
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I have one in the bedroom for a few weeks. Nice set with a good picture once you dial it. Netflix app works great along with others. 3D not bad but not my thing. Still love my Kuro but happy with this set - plus it looks great which helped me bump up the size from 32" - TWF. Who watches things in 4:3? Not getting at point on 32 vs. 40 - huge difference with 16:9.
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I'm using a UN40D6420UFXZA (purchased from Best Buy) along with a Denon AVR-2112CI receiver. Can anyone confirm whether this Samsung TV is compatible with Denon's "HDMI Control" function?

I would like to be able to pass-thru (HDMI) signal to the Samsung TV while the Denon AVR is in standby/OFF mode, such that we can watch TV independently of operating surround system.
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okay I (finally) figured out how to set-up the HDMI Control "pass-through" function such that you can watch TV (or any other HDMI connected source) without using/powering-ON your Denon AVR. I'm using an AVR-2112CI and Samsung UN40D6420UF LED TV in my case:

[a] Power-ON Denon AVR using remote. Power-ON TV. Select SAT/CBL source on Denon remote (to watch broadcast).

Go into menu -> System Setup -> HDMI Setup

[c] Set Standby Source = Last (or HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4, HDMI5, HDMI6). "Last" will allow the last source used to be default active when AVR is in standby mode.

[d] Using Denon remote switch AVR to OFF/Standby mode, but allow TV to remain ON. Wait, after a few seconds (maybe 10 seconds), eventually the last device used (TV in this case) will re-activate, broadcast will return. TV can be operated independtly as desired now (HDMI signal is now being passed-thru the AVR).

To use Denon AVR (for home audio surround for example):
[e] Using Denon remote switch AVR to ON. Power-ON TV. Source should already be set for SAT/CBL. After a few seconds broadcast audio will output via-Denon, video signal (TV broadcast) will output on TV.

Works beautiful. Brand of TV should not matter as HDMI signal is present whether AVR is in ON or standby mode.
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