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Yamaha SW-201 Proper Connection

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I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Yamaha's SW-201? It's a 6" powered sub with both spring speaker wire connections and RCA Pre-Out connections. I'm connecting it to an RX-V667 and I only seem to get bass when connecting it in line with the front speakers. If I use the RCA connection from Subwoofer Pre-Out 1 to the Left/Mono input on the sub the AVR doesn't see it or doesn't send an LFE signal even if I manually change the setup connections.

The 201 has an AC power cord so I know it's powered, it has auto stand-by with high or low sensitivity to turn on, and it has high and low cutoff. I've set the cutoff to High and turned the volume all the way up but it doesn't seem to matter. Does the sub need an RCA-Y cable? I get bass with the speaker wire running to it but does the AVR also send the LFE channel to it then?

Like always, thanks in advance!
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According to the manual for that sub (available on Retrevo.com), run a line from the "Sub Out" on your AVR to the left INPUT2 terminal of the subwoofer itself.

Also, try setting "Auto Standby" switch to "HIGH" sensitivity, and flipping the "HIGH CUT" switch between the "LOW" and "HIGH" settings to see if that makes any difference.
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Yeah that was what I tried, but it didn't seem to pick up the LFE, that was why I was wondering if it needed a Y-Cable. I have both options set to High. Hm..

That's where I found the manual earlier today.
Thanks for your response.
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I justed re-read your first post and noticed that you'd already done all that stuff. Hmmm. The manual doesn't indicate that you need a Y-cable, so maybe your AVR settings need a tweak (speakers to "small", sub to "yes", x-over to 80Hz) or the sub's INPUT2 is fried.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Yeah, I just tried connecting again with RCA. I'm getting the feeling that even though the sub is powered it's still expecting to be fed a signal from an amp. I connected both sub pre-outs to each input on the sub and got just a very little hit of bass with the subs volume all the way up. This setup is only temporary until I get a set of speakers of my own, but at least I'd like to get it all set up properly. Thanks for the replies.
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