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Blazin 3D Demos Download

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I have made a BD3D .iso you can download and burn to a bluray to sample my movies. The demo includes my Fukuoka Car show, Marine World and my latest movie Hirado. The demo also includes some footage of coming soon movies. The coming soon movies may be a bit ruff, as they are unedited and just footage I put together fast. You must burn this on a bluray disc only, a DVD will not work.
This week is the large hotair balloon festival in Saga Japan. I plan to film it all in 3D and make a movie also. Should be pretty neat

Download the demo here: http://computercowboy.com/blazin3d/AllDemo.rar (may take awhile its 3.50 gigs)

As always you can check out my movies at www.blazin3D.com

Thanks to computercowboy for hosting my demo files

To answer questions I often get, Yes all my movies will automatically set your TV to 3D mode. They are full HD with 5.1 digital surround sound. Hirado 3D is narrated by me and yes thats me in the park with my wife whos blowing the bubbles!
If you want the best 3D popout kinda movie, Marine World is for you.
All my movies come with 2 disc. One is the movie itself, the other is a 3D photo disc which has numerous 3D pictures you can view on your TV or PC.
Marine World and Hirado have transparent covers which look better in person.

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I just wanted to add that you don't have to actually burn a disc if you have a computer that can drive a 3D display. I just mount the 3D Blu-ray ISO files and play them with Stereoscopic player.
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Or that also

Just post your opinions here
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Hmm, guess no one liked it or don't have a BD burner

Seems most people minds are set that if it is not made by someone in Hollywood it isn't good. Don't know what your missing! A few of my movies have been on Sky 3D Japan and speaking with them about showing more soon.

Yesterday I took some amazing footage of the Saga Japan International Balloon Festival. I got to fly over Saga city in a helicopter and film it all in 3D! It turned out amazing, the depth was all I was hoping for and more! We flew over the Saga castle ruins where there used to be a Samurai Castle.
I also interviewed some balloon pilots and filmed all the custom balloons which the owners made. These balloons are often in the shape of cartoon characters, animals, or even from childrens story books. They can cost over $80,000 each just to make!
It was early morning (6:30am) and cloudy but most footage turned out good. Ever see 80 balloons all fly at once?! It was pretty cool to watch.
All this will be on one of my next movies.
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Im downloading tonight and will burn a copy on one of my rewritables tomorrow. Might be Sunday or Monday before I get a chance to watch it.
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Once I get some more movies out I'll make more demos also.

Sadly, the balloon festival is still going on till Sunday (last day) but the weather has been rainy so they cancel the games. I haven't had a chance to get more good footage.
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Is there some way to watch it from a thumb drive on by bluray player? I don't have a disc burner.
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schmluss, not sure if that would work or not.

For those without burners I will be offering a demo disc you can purchase for about $2-$3.00 on my site soon. (Not a forsure price, I need to check shipping cost)
And as a bonus for having to buy it, I will offer a picture disc of a few 3D sample photos that also come with my movies

I might, and still not 100% sure yet.. But I may soon have it so you can download my full movies for a cheaper price.
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Working on adding downloads on my site.

How it will possibly work is, choose which movie you want. Make a purchase and a link is given where you can download the full movie and 3D photos. The files are in .rar format and must be extracted before you can burn the movie on a bluray. Each movie will be password protected and you will be given the password to open the file. The passwords will be different for each purchase to prevent piracy.
Movies are about 15gigs big or larger so downloads can take quite some time, but the advantage would be you get the movie faster and at a cheaper price then having it shipped from Japan in a bluray case.

Another option I have just finished is buying the disc only, this is now on my site. This only includes 2 disc, the movie and photo disc in a small envelope with no case or cover. The advantage is a cheaper price also.

The disadvantage on both these options is you miss out on the cool transparent covers I make for the movies.

I haven't decided yet, but I may include scans of the covers and disc included.
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Trying to watch the demo on my PC, but it won't play in TotalMedia Theater 5, which is what I always use to watch 3D BluRay iso's. I can get 2D playback in Media Player Classic no problem. Has anyone had any success playing the iso mounted in Daemon Tools and using a PC media player?

Edit: Also tried PowerDVD 11, doesn't work either, both players give "invalid disc" error message.
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Downloading now, will check it out. Thanks for the effort.
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computercowboy used Stereoscopic player and they worked fine. You may wanna try that.

I am clueless as to why they don't work with Total Media or Power DVD.

I know forsure they work with stereoscopic player because I am playing one now, and they will work burning them on a BD disc.

I hope it works out for you
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Anyone able to view?
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I burned a 3D copy from your 3D Blu-Ray Demo download link. I was able to view it on PowerDVD11 Ultra. It plays best for me using PowerDVD11 Ultra, not so good using PowerDVD9. My question: Using a VGA to HDMI Converter/Switcher, would a 3D capable monitor LG2342P in my case display the 3D Blu-Ray Demo Disc in 3D? The Converter/Switcher I plan to get is a ViewHD 8 Port Multi-Functional Switch/Converter $128.95 + tax $141.95 at Amazon.com?
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I honestly have no clue sadly.
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You can use the ViewHD 8 port multi-functional Switch/Converter. It passes the 3D signal from VGA to HDMI.
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