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Verizon FIOS CableCard copy - NY

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I subscribe to Verizon FIOS in NY (zip 10977) and am thinking of getting a cablecard PC based DVR
My Q is (since I have a 2nd location) where I want to copy and watch the recorded shows (w/o streaming):
Can I copy-once my recordings? (not looking to distribute - just copy and watch in a 2nd location- even moving the file (so that it no longer is accessable from the 1st location is fine too)
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This forum has too many 'straight arrows' for any response to a thread title using the word "copy", especially the way it was worded.
Had you said 'transfer' the recording to another FiOS device, it might of gotten some responses.

A whole house DVR (which seems to be the most sensible option) seems to be your answer. One server for multiple remote stations (TV's). Since Verizon discriminates against living in a city by cherry picking the suburbs, I don't know what they offer for their 'cash cow' choices of equipment to rent.
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thanks, I ended up buying a cable card PC tuner, and it does allow me to transfer the files from one location to another.
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Verizon Fios* does not use the CCI flag at all (that is to say, all channels are set to Copy Freely), except, oddly, for their barker channels. Occasionally a new channel will show up flagged, which always causes a kerfuffle, since at one time Verizon didn't routinely pair cards with their host devices (which makes it convenient to move the cards between devices), and the unpaired cards can't pick up anything with a non-zero CCI. But it appears these are mistakes, sometimes only happening in one area, and are (always? so far? I think) soon corrected.

* Not to be confused with the spun-off Frontier Fios, which as I understand it uses the CCI flag aggressively.
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