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wireless HDMI...Gefen?

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I did a quick search on wireless HDMI...so much to read. I saw an add for a Gefen wireless Hdmi. I want to send HDMI from two Blu-Rays and one Hi Def Cable Box to my Samsung UN55C8000 Tv, which I am getting ready to wall mount. Is this going to work without a glitch? It's a short run...about ten feet.
The other alternative is to run three HDMI wires through a bunch of two by fours. Please help.
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There is no such thing as wireless HDMI. Note the name of the Gefen product is Wireless for HDMI, not Wireless HDMI. There are a number of things to take into account when making your decision. The signal is compressed. Supposedly users cannot tell the difference. It is a HDMI 1.2a device (compatible with 1.3). Maximum claimed resolution is 1080p30, sufficient for BD (1080p24). Bandwidth is insufficient for Deep Color (make sure you turn it off on your gear). Maximum distance is 30' with nothing but air in between the transmitter and receiver. Put anything in between, and that distance is less. Even people walking between the antennas will affect range. High resolution audio is not supported. Bandwidth is insufficient for 3D. Any RF device is subject to possible interference. And it ain't cheap.

Considering all of that, IIWY I would go hardwired.
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Just to echo Colm, you can think of the wireless adapters as a different form of video transmission than HDMI. It starts with HDMI then gets converted to this non-standard and then converted back to HDMI. The result is a not the same signal you started with but some degaded version.

Go wired if you have a choice.
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No Switch or AVR in your system?

2 x BD?

As per previous posts if you want reliability and no signal loss wired is your best option.

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...hard wire it is. Can someone direct me to how to run in wall properly...I need to run three to the TV.
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Are there any references for this info? Has anyone here viewed wired vs. wireless? With a good clock and a big buffer on the receive side wireless could certainly be made to work properly. Even if compressed; there is such a thing as lossless compression.

It wouldn't surprise me if it was done badly to hit a price point but if it did work it would solve so many practical problems.
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There have been many announcements and many millions of $$$ spent on getting a reliable, cost effective In-room and Room to Room Wireless solution for HDMI over the past years - yet as pointed out here you have to search very hard to find any reference to them.

HDMI.org have so far refused to ratify any Wireless device as they destroy the integrity of HDCP - even where they appear to provide a reliable In-room or Room to Room solution!

I have a fair few devices here and none of them are reliable enough to the point where I would want to be shipping them out to customers - the returns rate would be horrendous!

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