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Simultaneous Display of Multiple DirecTV Channels - How?

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Hi All,

I'm not a hard-core AV guy so please forgive any ignorance here.

I have a friend that wants to build a custom solution for his home. The requirements are:
  • a single, large screen display (panel or projector)
  • six satellite TV feeds via six individual receivers
  • ability to display any number or combination of the six feeds on the display simultaneously
  • ability to choose any one of the simultaneously-displayed feeds and have it become the only image displayed, full screen
  • preferably, can be controlled with a single remote control (i.e. harmony)
  • cost must be reasonable - we're not cheap, but we're not building a television production studio
  • must be reliable

Can this be done or is it a pipe dream? If you kind folks can give me some examples of the types of equipment that I'd need (I'm aware of Extron, Crestron, etc) and perhaps some model numbers, I'd be grateful. Once I know what equipment I need to buy, I think I can figure out the cabling, connections, etc.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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This link might help...

Similar products to Crestron DVPHD-PRO

Another possibility is to use two 4-window multiviewers and cascade the output of one to another, with the final output containing up to 7 windows.
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Thanks Erik - I'll check it out. I do appreciate your response.
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By Scott Wilkinson • Posted: Sep 11, 2011 Home Theater
DVDO was demonstrating a prototype technology from parent company Silicon Image in the form of a 6-in/2-out HDMI matrix switcher. The important features include InstaPort, which allows switching inputs in less than a second because all ports are active all the time, and InstaPrevue, which displays PIP insets from all inputs as seen in this photo, letting you select the input you want based on the content. No pricing or availability was revealed. .hometheater.com/content/dvdo-6x2-matrix-switcher
and .youtube.com/watch?v=GSh5UKsKDXA
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InstaPrevue looks interesting, but it seems that only one PIP at a time shows moving video while the other PIPs show freeze frames.
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I was told that if one PiP is active it shows at half normal frame rate. If more than one PiP is active the frame rate(s) are even slower. Useless. I was also told that, yes, the size and position of PiP's can be changed, but my request about the size being up to a quarter screen for two of the PiP's could not be met. The resize option does not go up that big. I am looking for an outboard box to provide two side-by-side full frame images from two sources for my projector or any TV.
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