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ddgtr>LOL, Geoff, can you post some of those super cool eye candy racing bike pics??<<br />
Over the years (Oct'85-95) ('03-'08), I've had different numbers; #24 the first two, then #235 thru '95 with the exception of '92 I was #8 ('91 was a good year for me). In my come back career, my number stayed #316. In some of my practice sessions, I've used borrowed bodywork with estranged and temporary numbers (that really plays with spectators and fellow racers minds when they think they see you but someone elses number).

I started at age 25 and now 51. I can still go pretty fast (relative) as I was able to get in a couple of instructor sessions this last season (you can tell by the "Instructor" vest). Being able to pass street boys on liter bikes with a slow 600 is still attainable. To be competitive on a professional level?, well I'd like to think so.....

I've had the privelege of competing in nationals when WERA traveled the U.S. and came up to the N.W. and I've been as far as Riverside Raceway and Road Atlanta for Grand National Finals held by Amer. Suzuki.

I've had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with the nations finest and most professional racers like Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz, Doug Polen, Scott Russell, Colin Edwards, just to name a few. Anyone remember a guy named Wes Cooley? Used to be sole bread winner for Amer. Suzuki prior to Schwantz coming aboard, I had him over for steaks and brews and then kicked his a** at the '91 Seattle WERA event. That was one of my best performances to turn in a 5th pl finish against the nations best "factory" riders before going AMA.

I'm trying to prove the old saying "All good things must come to an end" isn't true. There's another old saying, "There may be snow on the roof, but there's fire in the furnace".

If the economy hadn't crashed, I'd still be out there getting free bikes and product sponsor. I do beleive things happen for a reason, heck, I wouldn't have met you guys if I hadn't turned my attention to H.T. when the racing stoped. But I'm still hopeful I'll get back out on the track at least at club level, I still love it and hope to be able to do it till I can't get on a bike anymore. Fortunately, my fellow instructors (2FAST track days and instruction) lend my bikes to instruct from so I am able to get in some track time here and there.

So, with out further adue,

First two pics, from '91 - '05, same corner, tire technology has come a l o n g way. Note long time sponsors RS-Taichi leathers and Arai helmets (T logo on shoulder)

Hand to hand combat, who says you can't develope close relationships in racing

Chasing down a liter bike while on a 750 (tires don't fail me now)

Leading a couple of liter bikes while on a 750, talk about a pack of wild dogs

Instructing on a liter bike

Racing on a liter bike

Crashing a liter bike (oops)

Riding the GSX-R1000 was the coolest bike I EVER threw a leg over, talk about having nuclear power right in the palm of your (right) hand. I was 46 when I raced the liter, I'd get right back on one in a heart beat, namely because the competition is lighter and the bikes are easier to ride IMHO. The 600 class which were my last two years, I was 47 and 48 years old. That class is way more demanding, power to wieght ratio is critical and traffic is unbelieveable, my grandmothers great aunt is racing in that class, waaayyyyy too many riders.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed, that's just a tease, I do have a few more if the request comes. Until next time, LAY the rubber on down.
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Geoff, these are awesome!! Man, aside from bull riders, you guys are some of the toughest around. I just dig the way you look at the camera while on that turn...

I still cannot get how you can lean that low without falling... A Suzuki DR-Z 400 hybrid street/dirt bike is the farthest I got, but gave it up because of the obvious lack of handling skills on my part...

To be this good would be like almost every guy's secret wish...
Not to mention - Chick magnet!! Right on!! I'll go back to look at them some more. Now I can say I know a famous rider!
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That's ironic that you say that about the bull riding. I grew up with a bucking barrel in my back yard, I wasn't even interested in it, I was out riding my skate board or jumping little kids with my bicycle and ramp charging the neighbors 10 cents a head to watch, I was only in 5th grade (Evil Knievel was big then).

My back yard was always full of redneck bull riding wannabes til one day a kid busted his chin on the front of the barrel and had to get stitches, mom pulled the plug. When ever I did get on the barrel, those big rednecks could never buck me off, used to pi** them off.

In '93 I took a year off from racing and decided I wasn't done, I figured I'd either ride bulls or go back to racing. After counting the cost, I already had my racing gear, the rest is history.

So many people think I'm looking at the camera, in actuality, I'm looking through the corner. A lot of racers will have a tendency to look at the pavement right in front of them, the trick is to look as far down the track as possible, not quite as easy as one would think.

Adhesion will always be a mystery! You look at some of those photos where the bikes over on the sidetread, about 3/4 of an inch of rubber on the ground. Inertia and gravitational forces and gyroscopic effects keeps everything rolling. But some of those corners we push the crap out of those tires, some of those exit speeds are 100mph and more. T-1 at Portland is a 120mph turn but it's a wide sweeper, your boot edge and knee are on the ground but you're only doing throttle maintenance, it's the exits where the tires are getting stressed from rolling on the throttle as much as you can.

Glad you like the shots, let me know if you want me to post a few more.
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