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Help choosing 5.1 setup.

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Hi everyone, I am looking at buying a 5.1 setup for our basement. The room is 37' feet long. The room is "L" shaped, with the front being wider at 22', and the back half being narrower at 15'. The TV (60" LG plasma) is at the front. We will be listening from about 10-11 feet away. The rear speakers will be about 15' back from the screen, far enough back they will be sitting in the narrower part of the room.

We primarily will be using the speakers for watching movies. Our total budget is about 1000-1500 for everything including AVR and Sub. I have about $500 right now that I can use, not sure what the best pieces would be to get started. I have an old ONKYO TX-SR500 receiver I could use temporarily to get by until I replace it with something better.

I live in the Lincoln/Omaha NE area and am totally open to buying used equipment off of craigslist. BTW, it seems like used equipment goes for a fraction of the original price (at least with the range I am looking at). Why is that? Does the technology improve that much over time making older speakers obsolete?

Thanks for any ideas,

Here are some craigslist posting I was looking at.



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That's a big area you have to fill with sound (since it gets dispersed around). It may behoove you to push your budget up a bit so you have the right equipment to handle the chore.

Photos and diagrams would be great! Have you thought of putting the theater in its own dedicated space in the basement?
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Whats the best (and free) way to draw a diagram of a room to post here?
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Originally Posted by frrose View Post

Whats the best (and free) way to draw a diagram of a room to post here?

Google Sketchup.

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