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Need help/suggestions

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I've been reading around on this forum and looking at DIY designs and I need some advice on what I should do.

I live in a dormitory, so they have to have crisp sound even when at not-too-loud volume. But I also want to be able to use them for when we have parties, so they've gotta pack a punch as well. I'll be using them for basically the whole scale of audio so I need a pair of good, all-round speakers.

Now the thing is, I already have what looks like a nice subwoofer. I haven't actually managed to connect it yet cause I don't have the right cables. (They have slots for L/R 3.5mm plugs, not the usuals x_x) (Picture here: hxxp://i.imgur.com/i9tEP.jpg) -- I don't know what make/model they are but if anyone recognizes the brand I'd love to try and find out more about them... They look like they're 10"-12" but I haven't actually measured them. Would making a new enclosure for the same drivers/crossovers/all that be too much trouble for worse sound? I'm thinking of replacing the drivers as well but that's a bit steep for me right now. Could I make an enclosure now, use those drivers, then replace the drivers/crossover using the same enclosure? (If I'd get the same size drivers)

My price range for a 2-way set is 600-700$, but if you have something cheaper with good sound, that'd be even better. It can also go a little bit above, but not too much. As for size, I'm thinking something around the lines of big bookshelf speakers.

I'm still new to this, so something that is easy to build would be best. I like challenges though, and any suggestions help.

If you need more information, just ask. I look forward to some insight from you all.

Thanks in advance.
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research the econowave build over at audiokarma. it is a two way designed to be low cost, but high performance. your challenge is going to be finding the right woofer. for a good party speaker, you want something tuned around 35-38hz. what you lose in extension, you get back in higher spl where it really matters 40hz up.

if the box is sealed, you will get more bass with a ported design. if it is already ported, i probably wouldn't worry about building another enclosure.
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For the $600-$700 range I'd look at Mike Z's fat bellies as a possible "full range" bookshelf. http://techtalk.parts-express.com/blog.php?b=190

Cheaper but still having a fair amount of bass would be the larger 15L Levitations ~$250.00 or even cheaper than that would be the Yuenglings ~$150.00 http://techtalk.parts-express.com/sh...ight=Yuengling.

Take it easy
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