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Originally Posted by aaustin View Post

Hi rschuler,
Yes, I did run the LED strips the full length of the crown.
Here is what you would need.
RGB LED strips (30/meter):
I had to buy two strips for a total of 10 meters. They can be cut every few inches.
A remote and controller:
This one has two outputs to allow you to connect two separate stands.
There is also this one that has five outputs.
A power supply:
Each 5 meter length requires 3 amps of current. Since I ended up using about 8 meters, I bought a 6 amp power supply like the one that I linked to.
Mr. Tim also just posted some very good information on voltage drop with LEDs over in his thread. It can be found here.
Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll try to answer them as best I can.
I bought 4 of the strip that you link here, I want to buy the 5 ir controller, what type of power supply do I need?
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Originally Posted by aaustin View Post

A power supply:
Each 5 meter length requires 3 amps of current. Since I ended up using about 8 meters, I bought a 6 amp power supply like the one that I linked to.

Correct me if I'm wrong 3amp is equal 360 watts and each strip use 36 watts, why do you need a 6amp power supply if with a 3amp power supply you had enough? I'm learning about watts and amps, so correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
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Hi amb1s1,

If remember my physics class correctly, Power= Voltage * Current. So that means that the Current =36W / 12V =3A.

Since the strips are connected in parallel to the controller, that means that the voltage in all of the strips is twelve volts. With a resistance of 4 ohms in each strip, the equivalent resistance of four of them would be 1 ohm. Since Current=Voltage / Resistance, that mean that the total current would be 12 amps.

I couldn't find a reasonable 12 amp power supply, so in your case I'd recommend trying all of them with either a 6 amp or an 8 amp (http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Amp-12-Volt-Ac-Power-Adapter-with-3-Prong-Plug-with-5-Mm-Dc-Output-Jack-/390346437395). I "think" that using a lower amperage will just cause the maximum brightness to be lower, but this shouldn't be a problem for accent lighting in a theater. I keep mine on the lowest setting all of the time.

The worst case scenario would be that you'd have to run two sets of two strips with their own power supply and controller.
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Happy New Year to everyone on AVS!

I hope that 2013 brings you all much joy and happiness. biggrin.gif

I expect to see quite a few builds finished this year. wink.gif
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Happy New Year brother!

Hope all is well, how is that theater of yours??
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What's up azula? It's great to hear from you!

The theater has only gotten better with time. I've been watching movies almost every night while on vacation. smile.gif

Thanks for stopping in!
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It is very nice to enjoy a vacation like that isn't it? I STILL go down to my basement and get a smile on my face thinking "I can't believe that I have a theater in my basement". Enjoy it my friend you deserve it!


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Thanks RTROSE!

You are absolutely right, I get a huge smile on my face every time a pop a movie in and see it come to life on the screen. It is awesome. biggrin.gif

I've been working on some finishing touches in the rest of the basement over my break. A little drop ceiling, molding, etc. It's good to get back into some DIY projects. I never thought I'd miss going to Home Depot all of the time! smile.gif
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Its been awhile since this thread has been updated, but this weekend I actually did some work in the theater.

I came home for a three day weekend to find that half of my LED lights wouldn't turn green. It turns out that one of the connections came loose, but that's nothing that five minutes with a soldering iron couldn't fix. Still, I can officially say that I did something other than watch movies. biggrin.gif

Being away from my theater so much is both a blessing and a curse in my eyes. On one hand I miss watching movies, but the flip side of that is that when I do return home the splendor of the whole thing is still there. I realized that there wasn't a single thing I'd change about that room. It really is perfect.

I also checked the lock, because I don't want to experience an incident such as the one Vik and RTROSE had to go through. biggrin.gif
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Good to hear that it was an easy fix! I completely understand about being away from the theater as a blessing and a curse. Sure makes you appreciate what you have. Does the rest of the family indulge in the theater while you are away? I would hate to think of that beautiful theater just sitting there idle.


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Hi RT!

Yes, the rest of the family does find time to enjoy the theater, though not as much as I would if I was home. It's always a good feeling when I talk to them and they tell me about the latest movie that they watched and how awesome it was. My siblings have also had some of their friends over for television series premiers. Our house has become THE best spot to watch something. biggrin.gif

Thanks for stopping by!
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Hey Austin. Just wanted to check in and see how the LED rope lights are holding up for you. Getting ready to order some and wanted to see if you had any issues other than the one loose connection. Thanks!
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Where does the time go? It has been far too long since I've posted here!

The lights are still working great GWCR. No issues since the one loose connection.

As for the rest of the theater, it still gets used daily by my family. Last weekend I was home and had the chance to watch "Now You See Me" and "World War Z". Both were entertaining, especially "World War Z", which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would.

Now for what has been keeping me busy lately:

That's a total of four dual 18" subwoofers (EAW SB528), six dual 15" subwoofers (four EAW SB600 and two EAW SB250), EAW KF850 for the left and right channels, and EAW LA212 for the center and rear channels. This was set up in a large lecture hall for a movie screening of "Star Trek: Into Darkness". It was very cool!

Now, time to go check up on everyone's builds!
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I was wondering where you were hiding. Thanks for checking in.
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I read and enjoyed your entire thread.

I know you're all done and at school, but I was wondering how successful was the 2 dead vent's with just that single fan.  Are you happy with the air circulation in the room?

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