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Digital 13 in Salt Lake City  

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Did a channel scan last night and up pops digital 13. They are showing a 4:3 image in a 16:9 formate, so it looks a little funny, but at least it's there.

It will be interesting to see the next Star Wars broadcast. I know it is only 480, but in anamorphic widescreen, it will be some improvement over SD. Couldn't tell if it was 5.1.

I believe these are now the digital channels in Utah:

Channel 2 CBS (KUTV)
Channel 4 ABC (KTVX)
Channel 5 NBC (KSL)
Channel 7 PBS (KUED)
Channel 11 PBS (KBYU)
Channel 13 FOX (KSTU)
Channel 30 The WB (KUWB)

As far as I know, only KSL can broadcasts a DD 5.1 signal with Music & Spoken Word and LDS General Conference. Everyone else is just stereo.
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I also did a channel scan last night and was surprised and happy to see KSTU FOX channel 13-1 show up. I have yet to be able to see KUWB 30-1 (48) in Holladay UT. Is everyone else getting the WB digital signal?
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Does your channel 4 report 40.01?
Is your 7.01 pixelated and locked up?
PBS locally is KUED and KBYU
I lost 30.01 last night but found Fox. Fox was streached and looked nasty I tried to watch the news. It was also....what is the word.... flickery not a solid picture.

7.02 has the ability for 5.1DD I watched a show about the different representations of christ and it was in 5.1

I also am looking forward to Starwars. To bad they couldn't get it working prior to the airing of Empire Strikes back I was looking forward to that.

PAX and UPN are listed as "Under Review" on titantv what does that mean?
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Fox is operating with low power, under STA (Special Temporary Authority). They are about 12 dB lower level than most of the others here.

I hear that KJZZ is built, but still needs transmitter testing.

I have heard that KUPX (Pax) is about ready to go.

Looks like KPNZ (UPN) has some FCC problems with their channel assignment.

Now, we just gotta all get our PSIPs in a row.....does anybody really know what time it is?.........:confused:
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ya, time is wacky on psip

I read that KJZZ got an extention because someone at the tranmission tower concreted over a a/c shaft. They are going to wait until summer to get the proper trucks up there to fix it.

I read that on the FCC website
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