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Theater Seating (Fusion Lagoon vs Palliser Pacifico/Atomic)

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These appear to be very different chairs, but the are the 2 that I have narrowed it down to. I'm looking for other's feedback, I'll include some thoughts and preferences I have had.

Must have:
4 chairs
Curved (wedge arm rests)
Dark brown leather
cup holders
power recline
compatible for buttkickers (currently have amp)

Features (pros/cons):
* The biggest one for me, the Palliser Atomic comes with trays, while the Lagoon does not. I mainly want the tray to hold an ipad.
* The Lagoon states that it has pocket coil cushions, which sounds like a big upgrade??
* I have heard reviews of both chairs being firm. I am looking for a solid chair (just sold a couch that sank too much after sitting in for longer than 30 minutes each time). Any input on the difference between these 2?
* The Lagoon appears to contour to the back, any feedback on how the support is compared to any chair that does not contour to the back? (Atomic vs Lagoon)

Cosmetics (pros/cons):
I was sold on the Palliser Atomic till just yesterday till I found alittletank's thread on his seats. They really look good, my wife prefers the seat back look of the Lagoon to the Palliser. I prefer the arm rest look of the Palliser, although I also like the Lagoon seat back.

I really wish I could sit in these prior to buying. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you!
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Instead of a tray for the iPad, you could always utilize this:
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scl23enn4m3 -
Thanks for your reply. Great suggestion, I ran across this product a few months ago, but it didn't get great reviews. I'm sure similar products will eventually come with better reviews, so I may keep my eye open if I choose the Lagoon.

Does anybody use side tables, etc for holding laptops/tablets/food? I currently have a stand alone tray that I take in and out of adjacent storage room each time I need it. 90% of the time has been for drinks, which the cupholder will take care of going forward.

Also interested to hear additional feedback on comfort differences between Palliser and the new Lagoon. I know I'm reaching considering these were just released, but it is worth a shot.
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I have no experience with the "Lagoon" but can comment on the Atomic. The Atomic is made by Palliser - a Canadian company, 70+ years of history, with facilities out of Canada and Saltillo, Mexico - both plants work under the same quality standards - so you will get the same quality and fabrication out of either plant. We've been selling the Pacifico for years, have had excellent reviews on that model - the Atomic is the exact same seat with an added tray table feature - everything else is the same. Palliser uses 1.8 high density foam in the cushioning which you will find in higher end furniture which ultimately gives you firmer support and wont break down as easily over time ("as standard 1.6 or lower would).

In our years with Palliser - you can't go wrong with them. I personally consider them the leaders in home theater seating.
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Thanks scl23enn4m3, Roman, and Martin for all your input!

I did end up purchasing 4 Fusion Lagoons in brown leather this morning. Looking forward to setting these up! Hoping to take delivery next week.
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I have 5 Lagoon 1011's in black leather, power recline arriving monday.
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How are the lagoons for lower back support? I, too have been looking at the Pallisers, have heard they have good support. I don't have access to any chairs to actually sit in so I am looking for feedback on chairs with good lower back support. Almost all at local furniture stores are way to soft.thanks for any advise you can give!
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walker17 -
From my understanding, Roman's seats have firm support, which is what I am looking for. I preferred the Pallisers to the Berklines for this reason. I did sit in Palliser Slades and about 4 different modeled Berkline seats, and I preferred the Slade support, but didn't love the seat itself. From my understanding, the Lagoon is modeled after a Berkline chair, but completely overhauled.

I'll let you know my thoughts in a week (hoping to take delivery next Friday or the following Monday??)..
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Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to hearing your comparison to the blades!
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Originally Posted by walker17 View Post

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to hearing your comparison to the blades!

It really is hard to draw a direct comprison because of the time frame between sitting in these and the Fusions, but I tried to summarize my review in the main Fusion Lagoon thread.

To add to that - many stated that these chairs are firmer than they thought they would be after receiving. I wouldn't say that the seat cushion is "firm", as they have great cushion, but they do not cave in like my old sofa (likely from the pocket coil springs). The back support is divided into three, and I find it awesome for comfort and hold.

Because comfort and support is subjective and different depending on each person - for reference: I'm 5'10" 180lbs
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