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LP340 Software Bug  

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While calibrating my LP340 with Video Essentials I bumped upon what is apparantly a software bug. When I use the test grids under standard (full screen) mode everything looks fine and I'm getting the entire grid. However, when I switch the projector to Enhanced Widescreen mode I lose a good %5 - %10 of the picture from the bottom of the screen! The amazing thing is that when I switch the projector back to full screen (standard mode), it will still be missing those lines. To correct the problem I'll have to turn the overscan on and then off again!

Have other 340/350 owners seen this problem? I'm running firmware version 1.8 - maybe it was fixed in 2.0? I've been meaning to upgrade but paying $65 for the RS-232 adapter just seems WAY too much...

Damn, sometimes I think this product offers more problems than solutions.

-- Eldad.
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Before you beat your head against the wall with this issue, get the adapter and update the firmware to v2.0. I am running an LP340 and the first time I called Infocus on the DVI syncing issue, they said I had to before they would support me.

On a side note, what benifits have you seen when using the Video Essentials CD?
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Video Essentials has been pretty helpful, actually. I used it to set black level, color and tint settings using the supplied blue filter, and now this test grid thing. Though that's just exposing a problem - I need to find a solution for it... The gray gradients also helped me manually set the contrast level. I didn't like how some of the tests were totally aimed at a direct view TV. For example the contrast setting screen is done by looking for "blooming" of the picture, which never happens with digital projectors...

I wonder if AVIA is better in this respect, BTW.

As far as the upgrade, did you buy that RS-232 adapter?

-- Eldad.
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Yes, I bought the adapter from Infocus. Only used it once, it seems like a waste of money.
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While we're on the subject of ranting about InFocus, what have you done about the power button situation (assuming you have it ceiling mounted)? Do you disconnect the power each time you use it?

-- Eldad.
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Mine is mounted on the ceiling. I leave the green power switch on and use an IR controlled power outlet. It works well. I have a few buttons on my Onkyo remote setup to put the proj into stand-by, then one to shut off the power to the outlet.
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Where can I get such a power outlet? How much does it cost?
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My LP350 has the v2.0 FirmWare
Win2k/SP2 ATI7500AIW -> DVI-> LP350
When Booting sometimes I get the Splash Screen
then I lose SYNC all the way up to the DeskTop

I found that by TOGGLING input on the LP350
going to either sVideo OR computer 2 analog
and then back again I now get a DeskTop with DVI

What did INFOCUS tell you about SYNCING issue?
What OS are U using?
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Infocus emailed me this long list of steps to take to get the DVI port to sync to the proj. You had to hook up the VGA cable between the proj and the computer, turn on the proj, boot the computer and within 15 seconds of the splash screen unplug the VGA cable and plug in the DVI cable on the prog. I about sh*t when I read that.
The problem ended up being with ATI and the drivers. I have since then downloaded beta drivers from the Rage3D.com site and it seemed to correct the syncing issue.
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is that the NEW 6071 driver ur using?
and does it SYNC all the way from POST->DeskTop screens?
BTW - what OS are u in? I use W2K/SP2
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Hi Mouw,

I don't think the firmware has anything to do with it. I am still on v1.6 with my 350 and it behaves exactly like you described. I use the same work around as you.

Funny enough, if I don't reboot my PC, I can unplug/plug power on/off the LP350 all day long and it would always sync properly and instantly.

I have gotten more reliable advice from this forum than from Infocus support, sad but true. I always get advice here first, then validate it with someone at Infocus, and it often takes several tries before you get to someone who knows what he's talking about.

- Steve.
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Originally posted by jxm71
Mine is mounted on the ceiling. I leave the green power switch on and use an IR controlled power outlet. It works well. I have a few buttons on my Onkyo remote setup to put the proj into stand-by, then one to shut off the power to the outlet.
For what it's worth, many members were using the standby to let the bulb cool, thinking they were prolonging the life. Not too long after, bulb explosions became prevalent. Infocus customer support recommended not going into standby, but to shut the projector off completely. I have had my Lp340 for over a year now, and now issues with the bulb have ever occurred.

To answer the original question, I have my LP340 wired to a wall switch. The bulb counter doesn't work anyway, and the other settings must be stored in NVRAM because everything comes up the way I left it. alos, I am still running v1.8 and have also noted the same thing with overscan.

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When I last spoke with Infocus Tech Support (Jan 2002)
He thought it was a good idea to leave it in STANDBY for a couple minutes to COOL the Lamp.
The LP340/350 and LP500/530 all have the same BULB (270watt SHP) just different Lamp Housings.

Here's what the LP500/530 manual says
Page 18 - Turning Off the Projector
NOTE: Lamp life will be extended if you turn the power off, then wait 1 minute while the lamp cools before unplugging the projector. The Lamp LED will light green when the lamp has cooled.
To turn off the projector, press the power button. The lamp turns off and the LED blinks orange for a minute while the fans continue to run to cool the lamp. When the lamp has cooled, the LED lights green and the fans stop. Unplug the power cord to completely
power off the projector.
I read somewhere here in the Forums that MOST projectors
advise or allow for some cooling after the Lamp is turned off.
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I agree it's counter-intuitive, but if you go back about a year, that was the recommendation. I have no LED on mine to tell me when the bulb is cool. Maybe they have changed the fan design, I don't know.

Use your best judgment, and if Infocus now says run it in standby, then do that.

Old thread 1

Old URL 2 ... scroll down to TTomJ on 4-6-01

Old link 3 .. G Mancussa 5-1-01

Also, let the PJ run for at least 15 mins when you turn it on, and cool for 30 before you turn it off.

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Jay C

I am reading between the lines here.
But it seems to me Infocus realized their problems with the LP340/350
and tried to make some corrections in the LP500/530 series.
They had a bad run of BULBS back in 2001 and they redesigned the
LP500/530 Bulb into the LP340/350 Lamp Housing.

Pg 5 - LP350 Bulb rupture - Cryogenic Spect 'Update! Real info from InFocus '
4 more posts down is my story of woe.

What I remember the Infocus Tech guy saying to me was
1- Cooling down with the StandBy procedure couldn't HURT
2- Cleaning the LAMP SCREENS periodically will definitely HELP

Later I learned the LAMP SCREEN CLEANING procedure was in the LP500/530 manual
So I downloaded it from their site LP500/530 User Guide
Reading on I found they had implemented an AUTO COOL DOWN procedure in the newer LP500/530 series.
Another thing I have gleaned from Posts here on the Forum is the Gases in the Bulb
can settle and solidify after awhile and the Bulb won't ignite unless you remove it and SHAKE it a little.
(mine is stationary and isn't moved around for presentations like the Business units are)

So every 200 hours (3 months for me/Lamp Hour meter doesn't work)
I will Remove the Lamp assembly for CLEANING the Screens and SHAKING the unit before re-assembly.

Hope I get better Results ;)
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