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Where did FOX DT go? My FOX 43 (standard UHF) is ok, but no digital for a week or so!!!

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I don't seem to be getting a digital signal either although my channel guide say it's WTNZ-DT. It seems to be the regular analog signal with the ghosts etc. Even when I was receiving the signal it never did appear as a widescreen picture, and since it's not HDTV I've crossed Fox off my list of signals that I even care about.
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My Fox is gone as well. I heard that comcast has all local Knoxville HD channels ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, & FOX available and an exclusive. Fox turned off their HD sugnal about the same time comcast picked it up. Is it possible CBS, PBS, & FOX will not transmit an HD signal free via OTA but through comcast only? Has anyone heard how the CBS HD tower is coming and if PBS is coming to Knoxville in HD anytime soon?

I do not have comcast HD so I cannot confirm. I have Directv with an HD antenna in my attic. I still get ABC, and NBC in HD.
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man if they do that that is such BS
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Finished setting up an outside antenna yesterday in Fair Oaks Ranch. Needed the pre-amp to get a signal. Now I'm 80-90% for the big three.

The only problem I'm having is a severe lip synch on WOAI NBC during Law and Order last night. Anyone else having this problem?I'm using a Dish 6000.
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Originally posted by tsts
Finished setting up an outside antenna yesterday in Fair Oaks Ranch. Needed the pre-amp to get a signal. Now I'm 80-90% for the big three.

The only problem I'm having is a severe lip synch on WOAI NBC during Law and Order last night. Anyone else having this problem?I'm using a Dish 6000.

NBC has been pretty unreliable in my eyes. Sometimes they remap, sometimes they don't. and I've had lip synch issues with them too (using a Sony HD200). I didn't watch them last night. Were they remapped or on 58.1?

What antenna and preamp did you get? and where? I'm looking to get an outdoor antenna.
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They were on 58.1. Following JimboG's recommendation here I am using a Channel master 4248 and a CM 7777 pre-amp. Got them from Warren Electronics. Set-up was a breeze.
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The folks at Fox are having equipment trouble, nothing more.
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Is Warren just online or a local store also?
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BTW...my Silver Sensor pegged the meters on my Zenith on the big three just fine (with no amp, too), but I still can't get anything from Fox...crap.
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Warren Electronics is an online store. They have good prices and excellent service. I ordered my Channelmaster 9251 rotator from them.

I don't think you're likely to get a decent signal from KABB (Fox 29/30) anytime soon. They are broadcasting from only 300' up their ~1450' broadcast tower. This is perplexing, especially considering the fact that their waiver to miss the May 1st, 2002 federal deadline was based on "tower structural improvements" that would allow KABB-DT to use the same tower as KABB analog TV.

You aren't missing too much right now. The local Sinclair stations (KABB and KRRT) are only upconverting their analog signal to digital 4:3 480i. At the network level, the WB has four shows in 1080i. Likewise, Fox has a wide range of sports and filmed programming in widescreen 480p with the occasional 5.1 soundtrack. Unfortunately, only 3 or 4 of the 64 Sinclair stations nationwide bother to transmit HD or ED digital programming. If you re-position your antenna, you might be able to get KRRT-DT on channel 32. As far north as you are, you have basically no chance of getting KABB-DT. Sorry man.


P.S. tsts, I'm glad your OTA reception gear is working out well for you!
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Thanks Jimbo.
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By the way, forum viewers, KENS-DT is in the process of repairing a couple of problems; first, we lost a transmitter module, which reduces our power by 50%. We expect a fix on that this week. Over the past weekend and throughout this week we have had a few Flexicoder issues which may have caused your receivers to re-map to 55-1 and back to 5-1 intermittently. That issue should be corrected today, with replacement hardware and a new software revision.

Thanks for your patience!
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any idea when FOX will be back up??
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No clear idea of when they might return to air. They only have one local engineer and he is overworked.
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errr come on man they need to get it together. I think i send them off a letter
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Thank you for the heads up! It's always good to hear what's going on at the local stations.

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KENS-DT has been offline most of this evening.
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Gentle viewers,

we've had more than a problem or two, working toward delivering flawless HDTV for the Grammys on Sunday. We think most people won't mind the loss of channel mapping for a couple of days to be sure the picture and sound are just right for Sunday's broadcast.

Truth be told, we're in the middle of an upgrade, and the last component won't be ready until Monday, after the Grammys. So if you don't mind looking for KENS-DT at channel 55-1, we'll be there with HDTV and 5.1 surround audio. I think I have corrected the audio/video sync problem tonight.

I'll check this thread for posts over the weekend to see how y'all pick us up. Thanks for your patience and indulgence.
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Do you guys have an estimated start date for 5.1 Dolby Digital sound from KENS-DT? Bob Ross said earlier today that CBS had only passed out new receivers to the top 25 DMAs. Any word on when they might make this available to San Antonio? Thanks in advance.


EDIT: I'm dumb. I missed the last bit about 5.1 in time for the Oscars. (Note that those are two separate statements. ) Thanks for all the good work Jerry!
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I thought Jerry just said they would have 5.1 for the Oscars in his post above yours?

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Troy, You asked about the WVLT-DT CBS tower. I see it as I go to work everyday. It has been coming along although a little slow probably because of the weather. I think it has about another 100' to go. The antenna on top of the tower will be a little over 1800' above sea level.
Maybe we'll have CBS HDTV in another month or so. I'm tempted to defect from Directv to Comcast cable. Apparently they offer the east and west coast feeds of HBO and Showtime as well as already have CBS and PBS HDTV as well as ABC and NBC. Directv will never have enough bandwidth to offer everything that is coming down the pike in HDTV such as Discovery channel, ESPN, Cinemax, HDNet Movie channel and additional HDNet channels. Apparently Comcast has no such limitations.
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'Mornin' folks;

we're doing the Grammys on Sunday - but the surround sound will be the same Dolby ac-3 decode we have been doing all along. Maybe I'm the one confused about what y'all are expecting to see as 5.1, since all our HDTV broadcasts from CBS have contained, and we have broadcast, ac-3 surround since we began. I think we mistakenly assumed that our surround was the 5.1 you're hoping to see. (hear!)

Otherwise, do you see and hear us all right? Transmitter still limping, missing a power module, and PSIP is off for the weekend until I get an upgraded computer fast enough to run everything (Monday.)

Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to develop the planet's most expensive science project.
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Yea I have been thinking about going back to comcast myself. However comcast cable is very expensive. The cost of HBO and such is like 90 buck a month.
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Anyone here in SA pick up "Ed" last night? No joy out here at 1604 / I-35....
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I live in the Universal City area and have not seen KMOl for several days....no signal at all. Deltoid's question is the fist time I've seen it mentioned.
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The Grammy's looked great. Sounded good too. Good PR as I had several visitors in awe! On my B&K pre-amp it showed as "AC3", and sounded like it too. WoAI appears to have been off the air for the last few days?!
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I've noticed all of the 'big three' off for the last few days...I'm guessing it's weather related?
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TWC to offer the Scientific Atlanta 8000HD PVR (aka SA 8010 PVR):

Yesterday, I called Scientific Atlanta because I found out that the 3100HD and the 8000 PVR both use the same IR signals which is going to frustrate my macro programming efforts. I was discussing using an IR router with the SA technical rep (which is an effective if pricey solution) when he mentioned that SA had started shipping the HD version of the Explorer 8000 PVR.

So, I just got off the phone with TWC and they confirmed that they will be offering the 8000 HD as soon as they receive them. Unfortunately, she would not comment on when that will be, but the impression I got was that it should be within the next several months. She mentioned that TWC is planning of "advertising it heavily." If the typical sales rep on the phone is already familiar with the marketing strategy, I figure it can't be too far off.

This is terrific news, even if the box doesn't actually record in HD. It will be outstanding new if it does.

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Can you confirm this with a link to product specs of some kind? I just spent a few minutes on the SA website, and on Google, and found no info on a Scientific Atlanta Explorer HD PVR (by the number 8010 or any other number).

I was able to find info on the Explorer 4200HD -- it looks to be an exciting upgrade to the 3100HD, with scaling and selectable scan rates.



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