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Sorry, but like you I have not seen any specs and the SA tech rep really didn't know too much (e.g. whether the box would have firewire or DVI output).

If I learn anything, I will post.

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The 4200HD "include(s) a USB port, an optional DVI HDTV digital interface with HDCP high-bandwidth digital content protection and an optional IEEE 1394 digital interface with 5C copy protection capability." All the features they need to down-rez HD material over the component output.

A better link than the press release is http://www.scientificatlanta.com/cus...fs/4002571.pdf

One other interesting 4200HD feature -- it downconverts ATSC to NTSC for output to VCRs/PVR's.

I hate to say it, but lacking press releases or product info, I think the rep you talked to may not have known his *#& from a hole in the ground.

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I'm pretty sure he knew what he was talking about. I have heard that SA was planning on upgrading the 8000 to handle HD for some time now and it's being reported in other threads. I think I saw one referring to the box being beta tested in one TWC market (maybe South Carolina?).

TWC knows about the 4200 and has stated to me that they're not upgrading to that box.

In any case, you should try to give SA a call. You may have more luck than I did learning information about the box.

Good luck.
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Wow...Speak of the devil and this thread suddenly came alive!!!!!!
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How many hours a day are HD broadcasts available in Kville? I can't get a signal trying to setup my antenna during the day.

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Dave, I think they're stille just doing evenings, primetime. I think 6 & 10 are stille doing 1/2 power broadcasting...? I'm thinking about putting up an antenae next year when they'll hopefully broadcast 24/7 at full power. Best wishes!
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Well GUYS I Spoke with the Head Engineer at FOX and FOx will be back up next WED!!!

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I received this word from Scientific Atlanta:


I am not sure why a technical rep at Scientific-Atlanta would be saying that we are shipping an Explorer 8000HD. You are right: we have said we will have an Explorer 8000HD in the future. However, we are NOT shipping the product now and we have not given a timeframe in which it will be shipping. Our current Explorer 8000HD can record HD content... however, it converts it to SD.


Peggy Ballard
Vice President-Strategic Communications
Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.

I have asked her to explain what she meant by the last comment -- if this means that 8000HD prototypes presently exist, or if she means that this is what the specs presently call for. I also asked when she thought they would deploy a true HD PVR.

It would seem that the "current" 8000HD has the ability to convert HD to SD -- one of the new features on the 3250HD and 4200HD models.

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Dr. Joe:
Thanks for pursuing this. Her comments are very interesting, both because of the seeming inconsistency and because the rep with whom I spoke seemed pretty sure about it shipping and because the TWC rep was also aware of it (and they typically know very little). But, I suppose we should take her at her word even if others have reported that their TWC market is beta-testing the unit. I just wish they would give us a time frame for release. Although I'm anxious to have a single box to record (SD or HD) and decode HD, I'd certainly be willing to wait a little longer for true HD recording.
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Just for my info -- who has reported they are beta testing an 8000HD?

I checked with a friend here in Austin who works for Time Warner (I enjoy referring to s/he as "TWeep Throat"), and s/he said that they are beta testing 3250HD's here in Austin -- and that they have not heard a peep about an 8000HD. S/he also said that it wasn't yet certain that TW Austin would go with the 3250HD -- that they were also considering "other manufacturers" (I asked to be first on the list for getting one if they do).

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Great news..I checked with WVLT the CBS affiliate and they should be transmitting on channel 30 in April. Hopefully by the time the Masters is broadcast in HD. Once they are on, all we need then is PBS Knoxville.

WVLT has stated their HD transmitter will be one of the most powerful in the nation allowing farther out cosumers to get their HD signal and less dropouts.

Please post here when anyone starts getting the HD feed on channel 30 CBS.

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Very frustrating! I cannot find the reference I saw a few days ago to the MSO testing the 8000HD. I thought it was in South Carolina or Arizona or Hawaii. If I can find it again I will post.
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I skimmed the hits on the AVS Forum for "8000hd" and the only one I saw was a reference to someone saying that they heard the 8000HD was being beta tested in San Antonio!

Seegmclaughlin's reply on this thread


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I forgot to note I also spoke with PBS and they will be broadcasting April 18th. WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO

Great news on the CBS. Lets keep working together to push these guys along.

PS Also I would like to start a Knoxville HT group anyone interested.
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PS Also I would like to start a Knoxville HT group anyone interested.

I'm all for it!
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PM me guys if you are interested.
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Realthogue-Jerry Paonessa,

Does Kens have plans to broadcast the HD NCAA basketball games on Friday as many other CBS are doing? I understand that CBS has ok'd all affiliates to broadcast the games on the digital channel while continuing the war coverage on the sd channel.

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I was watching the Texas game this morning in HD. Interestingly, it seemed the HD feed stayed on the game whenever the analog feed would cut to war news.
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Yes, I caught the Purdue game there this afternoon. Excellent picture.

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Any new info about Charter getting HD.
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I apologize for not posting a reply to your question on 3/20; Ihope you'll understand we were up to our ears in "alligators."

Stay tuned for more HDTV coverage of NCAA games from CBS:

Friday, 3/28, 6 PM-11 PM, Regional Semi-Final games from the Alamodome here in San Antonio.

Sunday, 3/30, at a time to be determined, the Regional Final game will be fed in HD from the Alamodome. CBS will provide upconverted versions of the CBS Sports Spectacular, featuring the NASDAQ 100 Open beginning at 11 AM, followed at 1 PM by The Road to the Final Four. The game from San Antonio could be as early as 1:30 but may be later.

Next Saturday, April 5, KENS will present the NCAA Final Four in HDTV from CBS at 5:00 PM through 10:00 PM.

Monday, April 7 we will feature the NCAA Men's Championship game from 8:00 PM until conclusion, about 10:30 PM.

That's it from here. Happy viewing!
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Thanks Jerry. Enjoyed the broadcast greatly. Picture was excellent!

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Hello all,
I'm a Newbie to this list so please bear with me.
Just curious, but a few weeks ago, this old Batman fan, tried to record the bad and campy "Return to the Batcave". I recorded off the air so I didn't watch it, but was KENS way off of audio sync. Just wondered if anyone else has been having the same sync problems lately.

Also, not sure if it's KSAT or my equipment, but I'll ask here as a start. I have no difficulty receiving any of the local DTV stations, apart from signal strength, but whe I try to RECORD off my SIRT165 to my JVC DVHS 30K, the firewire shows obvious problems with video sync, and I can't record. I'm trying to determine if anyone else has problems with the KSAT DTV, Channel 48 when trying to record.


This is a Great forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Trying to record, eh? I hate to be non-useful, but I don't have any experience with trying to record HDTV. I can say that some of the local broadcasters have at times had audio that was ahead of the video, but I can't comment with any certainty about the stations right now.

As far as recording, have you looked at the HDTV recording section of AVS Forum? They have a lot of good info about D-VHS and computer harddrive recording. Wish I could help you more. Best of luck!

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Thanks very much. I'm just starting the search on the site. May take a while.
Chris W.
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Chris, you asked,

"... a few weeks ago(I) tried to record the bad and campy "Return to the Batcave". I recorded off the air so I didn't watch it, but was KENS way off of audio sync. Just wondered if anyone else has been having the same sync problems lately."

Actually, we WERE out of sync for a few days on KENS-HD, following a major power changeover here. We installed a flywheel UPS over a weekend, and all our studio equipment was off line for about six hours. When we woke everything up again, some of the hardware was cranky and wouldn't run right; some of the software forgot its more interesting settings, like internal and external delays.

I think we have reconciled the lip-sync problem since then.

As far as recording from KSAT, I'd ask them if they have switched on Redistribution Control in their PSIP. That's just a guess on my part, but if they have, it MIGHT inhibit your ability to record material from KSAT. We have not enabled this feature, and you appear to be able tpo record from KENS-DT just fine, right?

Anyway, thanks for asking, and thanks for your interest in the planet's most colossal science project!
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Thanks for the info. Bad movie, cool picture.

I'll check with KSAT about that. I've spoken with JVC and they're mystified about the odd symptoms I'm getting only from KSAT. Samsung has yet to reply.

Things have changed so much in TV since I worked at KENS years ago, but I still have a soft spot for my first TV job! I will say the cameras on the live feeds from the newscasts from KENS are much better than those from WOAI.

Thanks again
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whooooo hooooooooooooooo!
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Does our local FOX DT actually passthrough FOX Widescreen? I have never seen it, if so. It is my understanding that all NASCAR races are being presented in Widescreen, but all I am getting so far is pillarboxed 4:3.

Andrew B.
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Fox in Knoxville Has NEVER passed the widescreen. Its there they just need to pass it along but they have not done so to date. All other local HD stations are passing the tue HD signal when its available. Fox has not at all. Even their HD primetime programs are not being passed by the local Fox affiliate. Can anyone with an email contact in Knoxville for Fox tell them they are not passing any of Fox's HD signals in widescreen?
They are in other Fox affiliates such as Atlanta.

They may not know how..Its new to them as well.

Still waiting for CBS to go HD in Knoxvile...
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