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I recently purchased a DVDO Edge, but I was highly disappointed. The satellite channels from Dish Network, both SD and HD showed no improvement whatsoever. The channels looked the same no matter if the receiver was plugged into the DVDO Edge or directly into the 55" Panasonic Plasma 1080p HDTV. The only thing that showed any improvement was the DVD player, and I can get the same results by playing DVDs on my up-converting Panasonic Blu-Ray player.

One of the main reasons that I bought the Edge was to make some of my older composite and s-video components look a little better, but neither of these inputs worked on the Edge. This seems to be a somewhat common problem as I see a couple of people discussing it in another thread on this site.

Since I'm not going to be keeping the Edge, I was thinking of replacing it with the Ambery HDMI Multimedia A/V Center 1080p Up-Converter, which can be found on the Ambery website. But I don't want to be disappointed again. Will this unit provide decent results with both my newer and older equipment or is it just a waste of money?
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It's a waste of money.

The processing in today's LCD and plasma sets is getting better and better and Panasonic's SD processing is pretty good to begin with.

One thing your TV will fail in, but which the Edge can provide, is awesome per-pixel motion-adaptive deinterlacing. Assuming you've got a 2011 Panasonic model, your plasma's deinterlacing is heavily video-based. If you have a movie program with any kind of scrolling text overlayed (or other video-content like blends to commercial breaks) your TV will default to video-deinterlacing which makes you lose detail in the whole picture and which derails the IVTC function, so no more 60 to 24fps conversion. But on the other hand, if it hasn't bothered you so far, it probably won't in the future.

If you want composite to look better you need a processor with a comb filter and that's a point in which the Edge is very weak to start with. Just to give you an example: my soon-to-be 10 year old Faroudja-based linedoubler has a much better comb filter for composite inputs than the Edge does.
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