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Replay 5k crashes when guide "wraps"

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My Replay 5K started crashing on Sunday, 11/6/2011.

It crashes when the program guide is invoked and the user requests that the guide "wrap around", either using the page-up, page-down, up, or down buttons.

For example, in my guide, channel 3 is the "lowest" channel active in the guide. When the guide is visible onscreen, one can use any of the guide movement buttons on the remote until the lowest (or highest) page is visible. When an additional "page-down" (or "page-up") is pressed (to wrap the guide around from the lowest to the highest channel), the box reboots itself.

Two things occurred that may (or may not) be relevant... On Saturday, I edited the channels that I wanted on the guide (removing some that had appeared over the last month or so from FIOS), and Saturday night was the end of daylight savings time.

Just wondering if some update has been downloaded to the guide software (perhaps to deal with daylight-savings time) that has a bug in it...

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

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Are you using WiRNS or connecting to the mothership for program guide?

I don't have this problem, but I'd try clearing the channel guide twice, via 243 ReplayZones, followed by a netconnect to restore the guide.

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Still connecting into the original guide source...
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Do you have a reference to the "234 ReplayZones" to do the clearing of the guide?

I'm not familiar with this... Is this a built-in function or some special key sequence?
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Do you have any channels like euronews that split their guide data up so small that the replaytv chokes and reboots?

"poison channels" i think they were referred to here on the board.

Something like this maybe?


The solution for that issue is in the thread.
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I don't think I have any channels like this... I'll try to clear the guide completely tonight...

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From the factory remote, press exit several times, then enter 243 and press the Zones or ReplayZones key. This will bring up a hidden menu that has a series of options. Scroll to "Clear Channel Guide" and select. You need the factory remote because most universal remotes don't have the Zones or ReplayZones key.

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Going through the procedure of clearing the guide, then downloading the channels (but not the guide), picking favorites, then downloading the guide seemed to fix the problem...

I still don't know which channel caused the issue though...

Thanks again!!
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