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Originally posted by Cable Dude
The MNF Games will be broadcast in glorious HD via the new Toronto One station. It signs on Sept. 19. It will broadcast its HD channel on UHF 66 and will be full power from day one. I dont know what ERP they are licensed for. I wouldnt count on WKBW-DT (ABC) going to air anytime soon.

That will be sweet if their full power is high! I should get that without a problem. cool.
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Did I just see an ad for "HDTV on Adelphia" tonite or was it a mirage?
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It must have been a mirage!
Adelpia is not even close.
Their digital cable is worse than regular.
Add in all that broadband sharing the same lines.

HD on cable would be compressed <-> uncompressed ?

ie : CRAP

Just an Observation?
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... but I've heard Adelphia systems in other locations (like LA, I think) are starting to experiment with HD.

I'm betting you'll still want your HD off the air and/or satellite. Once Adelf is done recompressing it ...
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You are right about getting HD from adelphia.....Over the air for locals and Sat. for espn,discovery,etc looks to be the way to get my fix for now...Joe
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WNED has figured out how to screw up HD. Not just by spreading their bandwidth so thin that HD barely works, but by putting a huge logo over the right lower 24% of the screen. Please write to them and point out that we tune it not for the logo but for the pciture. Especially if you are a member, let them know this is unacceptable. If no one complains they will figure it is OK.
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Yup , its friggin huge. At least they've got Toronto in the Logo. I also agree that their bandwidth allocated for HD is probably lower than other PBS stations because I also get WTVS Detroit HD on cable and the PQ is noticeably sharper.
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Yes that huge logo has got to go !!! Yes I will contact them and let them know.
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Don't forget the email address!

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I got an automated reply from Goldie Gardners's mailbox. Couldn't guess what the official reply will be.

Unrelated, a friend who's putting in Powerlink (and getting digital cable because, net it's cheaper [?]) said he was told Adelf is going to start some HD service within months.

Interesting ...
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I received the same automated message from Goldie. It will be interesting to see if she even knows what we are talking about!
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Originally posted by midnite cowboy
Did I just see an ad for "HDTV on Adelphia" tonite or was it a mirage?

I know someone who saw the commercial too - Adelphia isthrowing something out there, but I don't know the what or the when
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Anyone who's a "member" of Channel 17 write to complain about the HD channel logo? I can understand them ignoring a non-member, but a member ought to have some sort of courtesy reply. To me it confirms the wisdom of dropping "membership" some years ago (my $25 can't compete with ADM, Monsanto and the other big corporate PBS funders).
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I called customer service after seeing the Adelphia HDTV commercial.

As would be expected, the details are scetchy at best now, but Adelphis is saying that HDTV will be available in the fall. They do not have channel info, but said that they expect to have 2, 4, 7 , HBO and Showtime. This is not final and not certain. They said that they would rent set top boxes or they could be bought from the store by customers. They did not know what box they would be renting or how much it would cost.

I'm surprized that they are even talking about it. I doubt they will acrually offer HDTV in the fall, but at least they are talking about it.
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It would be a start. I get 4/2/17 perfectly with a small antenna...and HBO/Showtime/ESPN/Discovery/HD-PPV with my D*... so they are gonna have to come up with a great price and a better package for me to budge away from Satellite.
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I'm looking for some advice that's a little off topic from the current Adelphia conversation.

I recently bought a Hughes E86 and am loving HDTV from D*. I also bought the new Radio Shack amplified indoor antenna, and I have no trouble receiving Ch. 2-1 and 4-1,2,3. Ch. 43-1 requires me to rotate the antenna slightly, since as you know the signal is coming from the other direction. In other words, I can receive all the digital channels Buffalo has to offer.

I am thinking of replacing the indoor antenna with a Radio Shack VU190 roof mount and rotator, with the hopes of picking up digital feeds from other cities, such as Toronto and Rochester (I'm especially interested in ABC from Rochester for the MNF games!)

Should I leave well enough alone with the setup I have now, or is there a good chance that I will be able to receive these other feeds with the VU190? I'm in the Town of Tonawanda.

I appreciate all the advice I have already received from this site, and in particular this thread. Thanks!!!

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I guess someone at WNED is listening after all. The small logo on the bottom left is much more tolerable than the huge one that was there before. Apparently it pays to speak out about our concerns.
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Yep, just noticed that... Should probably send WNED a link to this forum as well! and this post.. they would probably get some good ideas!
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I just saw that Adelphia HD commercial here in Buffalo, too.

Adelphia.com lists zero information but adelphiasocal.com shows signs that they're doing *something*.

I'm sure it'll be awhile before they do anything in Buffalo, though
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Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2003 11:49 am Post subject: WKBW HDTV now Jan 2004


From their program director:

"According to our Chief Engineer...we won't be broadcasting in HDTV until at least January of 2004.

Our apologies for the delay.

Thanks for watching analog Ch. 7.

John Di Sciullo
Program Director"

Found this over at Digital Home
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I had a feeling this was going to happen.
WKBW is now a year behind its competition, even PBS.
I cant believe they're missing a season of MNF-HD.
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Finally the Bills in HDTV!! Looking at the TitainTV they have the Bills game on in HDTV channel 33-1. Now if only WKBW (ABC Modaynight Football) butts going!!

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I hate to bring more bad news, but I don't think that Sunday's Bills game will be in HDTV. WGRZ does not list the game as an HDTV broadcast on its web site, and I would guess that ESPNHD would not just hand over its HDTV signal to local OTA's. I believe that it will be the analog broadcast on a digital station.

Channel 7 disappoints again. I checked their web site last week, hoping for good news. When I saw no news, I assumed more bad news was on the way. And here it is.

I intend to see if I can pick up channel 66 from Canada (as previously mentioned in this thread) after the 19th.

I'm hopeful that we will see the Bills in HDTV on CBS before the season is over. I watched the Pats and Eagles on Sunday and the picture was great. Cbs has set the September HDTV schedule (no Bills), but has not set the rest of the season.
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And BTW, I hope like hell that TitanTV is right and WGRZ is wrong!!
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ch-66 Toronto is supposed to begin broadcasting on Friday, but that channel is really low power right now. They have applied to go to 3000 watts, still quite weak but better than what City-HD is doing right now. The good news is that most of the other Toronto stations should be going Digital later this year. CBLT and CFTO, as well has Hamiltons CITS and CBLFT are rushing to go to air and they will broadcast with a lot more ERP
which should make them receivable in Buffalo.
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I wonder if WKBW will be able to make their digital signal (if any) as bad-looking as the analog. (Maybe that's what's taking so long.) No matter if off-air, satellite, or Adelphia, color and video levels ... ugh. Sometimes I'm tempted to point out to ABC how badly they are being served by the greasemonkeys at 7 Broadcast Plaza. Really sad how what was once one of the premier stations in the country has been dragged down into a local embarrassment.
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NBC (WGRZ) will NOT be passing through the HD signal... sorry. It is mentioned in the Programming forum that NFL rules/ESPN deal gives ESPN the exclusive rights to the HD content. Need to get DirecTV! I can't wait for it, I have it and the Sunday night games have been amazing.

Too bad ABC (WKBW) is so lame and behind. The ownership has little cashflow and that is hurting the HDTV effort. If WNLO or WUTV get their HDTV first (which I bet they will) that will be a huge black eye on WKBW.
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Originally posted by J in OP
And BTW, I hope like hell that TitanTV is right and WGRZ is wrong!!

Hey J in OP.. you are in Orhard Park? Where is that?
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Yes - Im in Orchard Park - about 4 miles from Ralph Wilson Stadium.

To get to Orchard Park from Lockport, head south through Buffalo. When you get to the snow, you're in Orchard Park.
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'You missed it news' strikes again!
Must be those 'pistal packing punks' or those 'Buffalo blaze busters' laying down on the job...............

Amazing..............people are spending upwards of $10 grand for a TV and using "Rabbit Ears" as a antenna!!

Just think, I have had a outdoor antenna for 23 years on my roof (actually two of them) and I still have only NTSC to watch!
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