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Originally posted by J in OP
Yes - Im in Orchard Park - about 4 miles from Ralph Wilson Stadium.

To get to Orchard Park from Lockport, head south through Buffalo. When you get to the snow, you're in Orchard Park.

Actually, was referring to your location listed under your name.. it says "Orhard" instead of "Orchard"... I don't know where THAT is...
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LOL! I still didn't get it until your last post!

Hopefully, I've corrected the problem!
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Is anyone having luck receiving Rochester's ABC affliate in the Buffalo Suburbs? WKBW's history on HDTV is pretty disapointing. Is it a definate that they will not meet the October 1st deadline on AntennaWeb?

I have a very cheap radioshack outdoor UHF antenna roof mounted with a Channel Master 7778 pre-amp, rotator, but I was considering a better antenna, something like the channel master 4228, if Rochester/Toronto is receivable.

Any opinions?


P.S. did you guys see that Buffalo News article about Adelphia shifting their channel line up to start HDTV (upto 9 stations) in October?
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I would think it is possible to receive Rochester's stations for me with a proper antenna. I am currently using a small Silver Sensor and receive the Buffalo stations perfectly. If WKBW is not gonna be on for awhile, I think I may invest in some outdoor antenna to place near my dish to hopefully reach Monday Night Football!!
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Frank I don't see why not.I receive Buffalo's station's very well with the channel master 4228 and the 7775 preamp.
Monday Night Football is the BOMB
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Well it seems that the Buffalo and Miami game will be in HD! Unless otherwise, the local tvguide says it will be on.

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Nope! It was only SDTV. This sucks! Come on WKBW!

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Channel 2 WGRZ is NOT in HD yet correct?
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Ch 2 WGRZ's digital signal is normally on during primetime (only).
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Originally posted by theedge
NBC (WGRZ) will NOT be passing through the HD signal... sorry. It is mentioned in the Programming forum that NFL rules/ESPN deal gives ESPN the exclusive rights to the HD content. Need to get DirecTV! I can't wait for it, I have it and the Sunday night games have been amazing.

Wish I didn't get that game at all though
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If channel 2 is DTV and can't pass ANY programming along what's the point??

Am I missing someting here?
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Ch2 can't pass along the HD game on ESPN, is the point I think. They show all the primetime NBC HD content (and Leno), best picture in town, IMHO.
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I knew about Ch 4 and just found out about Ch 17, but I didn't know CH 2 made the change. When did they do?
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Channel 2 has been around in HD for over a year now... Most of their primetime shows and movies are in HD... go to titantv.com and make an account to find out which shows should be in HD.

And PVRick.. that is right.. they could not pass through the HD from ESPN.
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Has Toronto started anything yet? I don't remember if anything is up yet?

How many have REAL outdoor antennas (VHF/UHF or UHF only) that have DX'ed Rochester and Erie from Buffalo (the city, not Lockport or the southtowns). Is it possible without being up in the Boston Hills or north in Niagara County?
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I'm in 14120, and with CM4221 at 35 ft with preamp, managed to get a blip of NBC Ch58 out of Rochester at midnight one evening. It came in for about 5 minutes, then I lost the signal. I was trying like crazy to get the ABC at Ch59 since it's not available here in Buffalo area yet. Could not pull that one in. Looks like Jan 04 for ABC 'round these parts...
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I live about 40 miles SW from the transmitter site of Buffalo TV signals (Fredonia). My over-the-air antenna (with help of preamp and rotor) receives analog signals (VHF and UHF) pretty well. Digital is another issue. The only HD signal I receive consistently is of the local PBS station (on 43.1). The WIVB signals on 39.1-3 only come in when it rains. The NBC and ABC affiliates (33.1, 38.1) never come in. I experimented with a new 8-bay UHF antenna and this did not help at all. Any suggestions?
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I'm surprised you could get anything from Grand Island (WNED)!
WGRZ and WIVB are much closer (about half the distance) to you and are higher in elevation!

How high is your mast? Could you go higher up with guy wires or a tower?
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have you rotated towards the east from the point where you get 43? 2 (33) and 4 (39) are in the hills southeast of Colden and East Aurora (so's 7, as if it matters)
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Whats up w/Empire on D* tonight?
Trying to watch Sabres game, fllickering pic is really annoying.
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Had the opportunity to speak with an engineer who works for WNED at a recent function...
(I didn't know he worked there) and I started talking I was just getting started with HDTV, fiddling with roof antennas, reception, etc.
He told me that WNED spends $18k/month on electric bill for Ch43.1... and they are only running on 1 output tube (IIRC he said there is 2 tubes) and there was no reason to bump up the power out until "they must by regulation". Anyway, the discussion moved to the fact that Ch7 is lagging behind and I told him the circulating rumor is "Jan 04 as reported by the head enginner at Ch7". Know what he said?

"no way... they haven't even started yet on digital TV at Ch7".

Great - just great. No Monday Night FB this season... Thanks a lot Ch7.
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Yea channel 7 is pretty pathetic. If they cant take the heat get out of the kitchen and let someone else in !!
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Hmm, something wrong with CBS tonight, or just me?
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You mean during CSI?
Yep, many freezups - especially when they run that "blue" light in selected scenes, and the full red screen scene froze up too. Many small pixelations (is that a word?) during the hour.

Don't know the reason - (out of the 2 HD channels we get) CBS is obviously doing the better job - and CSI in my opinion is the best examples of making a case for owning an HD set. It just seems to tax the heck out of the equipment though...
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I'm up in Ontario and 12 minutes into CSI it just went down - couldn't get a lock on CBS at all. It kept coming and going throughout the hour, so I eventually just went back to SD cable (no problems with other HD stations).
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This problem only occurs with CSI and CSI Miami. Something in the Data Stream seems to affect my T151 Reciever. I watched Survivor just before CSI with perfect reception. I noticed this problem with CSI quite some time ago. Sometimes it also causes you to lose your lock on the signal all-together. I'm only guessing but I suspect the problem is a Firmware issue with Samsung Receivers, not a signal problem. I watch many shows on CBS and I never have a problem with the exception of both CSI's.
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Thanks folks for your suggestions. I am pretty high up in the hills of Arkwright to begin with so height of antenna shouldn't be a problem. I have also turned the rotor towards Boston Hills where WIVB and WGRZ broadcast from. But I still only get WNED really well. It is quite odd that I get WIVB when it rains and it has happened too often to be a fluke. It could be that my line of sight is better towards the north (WNED antenna location) than further east. Does anyone konw if the Canadian staions or Erie, PA stations have DTV signals? If so, what frequencies?
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There is one Toronto station currently on-air, City Dt on ch-53 but its a very weak signal for now. Toronto 1 is still waiting for a license to broadcast a DTV signal on ch-66, also very weak, only color bars for now. But in the new year we should have CFTO, CBLT, CKXT, CBLFT and CITS all broadcasting DTV with HD programming. I'm not sure about which channels they will be on. Erie has stations on-air now but at really low power, I beleive on ch-50 and 52.
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Cable Dude- the problem is not with your Samsung receiver. I have the exact problem with both CSI's using a Dish Network 6000 receiver with an 8vsb module. I have the RS vu190 antenna with a signal amplifier and get good strong signals on 33, 39, and 43. I have noticed occasional freezing on 33, but adjustment of the antenna direction usually clears it up. The CSI problem is most likely signal compression. It seems to happen with rapid scene or color changes.
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Unrelated to this, but can someone figure out why the new "Toronto1" station is broadcasting on channel 52, when CityHD is broadcasting from the exact same tower on channel 53? Isn't that usually a big no-no, sequential channel numbers broadcasting close-by?
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