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You mean 5 new channels will be coming to RF17
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This network is LP in Rochester as well. I haven't had any luck pulling it in here in Pembroke. Any idea where they'll broadcast from?

Edit. I just found the coverage map posted on the site. I might have luck pulling it in out here. Here's to hoping, new channels are always good.
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Looks as more reruns and competition for WBBZ. More confusion over similar call letters.

More interesting is this;
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WBBZ won't see them as major competition because these 5 new channels will only be available OTA while WBBZ is available on cable & satellite which is what a lot of people have these days.
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WBXZ-LD is 1 infomercial/shopping channel, and 4 Luken channels. Retro TV has lost a lot of its programming since the station that is now WBBZ carried it as RTN. Heartland is the rebranding of the resurrected TNN, which doesn't seem to have had the demand that Luken had hoped. Tuff TV is male-oriented programming, while PB&J appeals to children.
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Anyone else having trouble with WGRZ the past 2 weeks? 2/4/7/49 have been really solid for months, suddenly I lost 2. Rechecked antenna alignment. Others all good. Weird TV Fools shows all in basically the same direction. Next step is check cables for water
. Radar-Digital.png 136k .png file

Anyone know if WBBZ will ever move their tower?
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CHCH Is now testing on RF15 can any of you guys in the Southern tier recieve it? They are operating at reduced power for now until they finish testing.
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Doesn't do us any good here with the waste of bandwidth duplicated holy roller station on Gilligan's Island on the same allocation. I love how that was approved.
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They are operating at 1/10th their allotted power until the end of this week , we'll see what happens after that.
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I'm thinking WBNF will be permanently bumped off the airwaves when CHCH goes full power.
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How do you figure that? I would guess anyone within 5-7 miles of Gilligan's Island on the US side would have trouble receiving CHCH.
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Both signals might be strong enough to mutually exclude each other and therefore neither signal will work, which might force WBNF to look for another RF channel to use. I'm guessing it would be CH34 which is licensed for broadcast because WNYO used it temporarily. Can you still receive WBNF at your location? also considering CHCH is only at 1/10th their full power right now on 15. I'm surprised the folks living on Grand Island aren't starting to glow from all that RF floating around.
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I'm 7 miles SE of the antenna farm. I can't see any way I will get RF 15 from Hamilton even when they are on high power. Anyone east of GI will be in worse shape.
The ones S and SE of Buffalo should not have a problem assuming they have a decent antenna and not in a 'dead spot'.

BTW, you don't see too many TV antennas on Gilligan's Island. wink.gif
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As of minutes ago they just went to Full Power signal, can you see anything at your location. It's now 137 pm. I don't know if they will stay at Full Power as they are testing. Their signal is busting my doors down now.
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The only thing busting my doors down is Gilligan.
No, just more pass the plate crap.
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15 WBNF is still dominate here in Batavia, but the signal is most definitely being corrupted by CHCH. As of yesterday I could lock WBNF no problem but now I can't. I would rather have CHCH so hopefully WBNF will go bye bye.
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I guess if WBNF finds their signal is very problematic now they'll move to another channel at some point.
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I'm getting nothing on RF15
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not getting chch 11-1 here. I am picking up a 39-1 at full power. Normally if I get no signal on a channel is says searching for signal . This channel says no signal. It is almost like it is picking up a signal and they are broadcasting the "no signal" . Anyone know what channel this might be?
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It's WDTB Daystar broadcasting from Downtown Buffalo. Also WBXZ will be up soon.

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Hello everyone,

 I heard about this forum and that maybe you all can help me with my problem. I was looking into installing a larger attic based HDTV antenna, and wanted to know if you guy can give me any help in picking the right one for my area,

- Live in east side
- There is a metal plant behind my place that could be a problem
- Uni-directional vs. multi-directional

- Amplified vs. non-amplified antennas

- How do i find out best placement

Thank you all for your time and i hope you guys can help me


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Are you trying for Toronto or just local? if local you should no problem even with a typical roof install. Roof as in outdoor, not attic.
For Toronto etc. it will be a challenge depending of which stations you are looking for. Where is this building in relationship to Canada?
Directional and no amp.
Experiment for location.
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 Thanks for feedback and yes just local stuff i want, and any suggestion on best HDTV antenna? should i jut go one with the best range along with Directional and no amp.


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There really is no "best" antenna. Directional antennas will need a rotor for maximum performance. You could always try a bi-directional antenna. Take A look over at the reception forum.

Any specific reason you don't want ti try for the Canadian stations? They do have some good programming and the network series that are also broadcast there have less obnoxious banners at the bottom of the screen. wink.gif
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My setup is 2 combined antennas, one for VHF and 1 for UHF with a pre-amp. It gives me 30+ channels, the VHF is only for 1 station, that being CHEX-DT. Normally combining antennas can be tricky causing issues but it can be done successfully. Outdoors is the best setup for the maximum number of channels. I also don't have a rotor.
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There is always the option of a bi-directional antenna; a modified 8 bay with the reflector removed as I did for my brother & sister in law. It's a trade off since you loose gain in one direction, but there is no loss through a combiner (splitter used in reverse) with two antennas.
There is also the option of two separate feed lines going into a device with two tuners and two RF inputs. wink.gif
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Does anybody know how it's possible for WPXJ to broadcast 6 channels OTA at once because i always thought they were limited to 3 channels all SD or 1 HD & 2 SD. Right Now WPXJ is broadcasting 1 HD channel & 5 SD channels. Could they be compressing the signals because my tv says all 6 channels are on RF 23.
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The ATSC standards allow up to 6 subchannels, though I would imagine they have the beejeezus compressed out of them.
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ATSC allows as many subchannels as you want to try to stuff into 19.393 Mbps.

- Trip
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Originally Posted by DrDon View Post

The ATSC standards allow up to 6 subchannels, though I would imagine they have the beejeezus compressed out of them.
Right you are (though I am not sure that there is a hard limit). One mitigating factor is that it is possible for the station to use a statistcal multiplexer which allcates the 19.3Mbps bandwidth to each subchannel as dynamically needed. That way, for example: if subchannel 3 has a lot of motion and subchannel 6 is static, more bandwidth is allocated at that moment to subchannel 3 while "starving" subchannel 4. This changes on a dynamic basis, so a few seconds later sub 6 could be getting more and subchannel 2 less.
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