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Looks like they're moving antennatv to 2-3 and weathernation (plus what was posted above) will be on 2-2

Sometime soon (could be January 1st or shortly thereafter) WGRZ will move Antenna TV - Tribune Broadcasting Company to 2.3 and debut WeatherNation on 2.2.
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Is Weathernation a Buffalo based service, or a national service with local weather inserts around the hour??
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Weathernation is based in Minneapolis but they have local inserts on the 5's which will be from the local station
Its on here in Minneapolis (also a Gannett owned station) for over a year now and on the 5's they have a 5 minute "local" insert (as in from the local station). Its updated throughout the day so the same insert at say 11AM you'll still see at 3:30 (at least thats how it is here) then a new one around 4
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I'm wondering if all the Gannett owned stations will have it now. I watched it for a bit on the Internet, and it seems like a decent weather channel, of course they don't have the resources of TWC, but it looks decent. I've wanted a U.S. based weather channel since I travel there a lot, and my cable company won't carry TWC even though it's approved for distribution in Canada.
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ok guys i think i know what i want to get. But would still like your feedback.

I going to go with this for the addict.  Channel Master CM-3020

This rotor. Antennacraft Tv/Fm Antenna Heavy Duty Rotator

 still don't know if i need a pre amp or not i still don't understand fully why i would  need one. Love your feedback thanks again for the help guys


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No one in the Buffalo area needs a CM3020 since there are no low-VHF stations.

Post your exact location TVFool plot and your requirements if you want reception advice.
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Real bad choice for both. Unnecessary for the antenna, completely overpriced for that old design rotor by 2x.

For a rotor, go with this;

Antenna? Probably a 8 bay reflector type.

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The supply of the ROTR100 appears to have dried up yet again. You might have to work hard to find it still in stock somewhere.
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Originally Posted by Mac19pm View Post

- Live in east side
- There is a metal plant behind my place that could be a problem
- Uni-directional vs. multi-directional

- Amplified vs. non-amplified antennas

- How do i find out best placement


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Un-amplified only. You don't need an amp and it's likely to overload anyway.

Can't do anything about the neighbor except move.

In this location, I'd get a ClearStream 2V and remove the wire reflector grid making it bidirectional on both UHF and high VHF. Should work for all your Buffalo stations.

Put the antenna up in the air in a spot that gives it the best exposure to the Grand Island site and the transmitters scattered in the other direction. Test it and adjust as needed.
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I am guessing the spot I am at is bad for TV? i don't know what that picture means sadly.


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Also side note this will be places in a addict not a roof if that matters. 

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I hope that is a "attic" not a "addict".

1. Are you interested in any of the Canadian stations?
2. Where is this building in relation to your house (compass direction)?
3. Can you erect a roof antenna?

A preamp is out of the question. Gilligans Island isn't that far away. A directional 4 or 8 bay reflector antenna would probably be best. If you only want the 'locals', a rotor isn't necessary if you can find a spot for the stations you are interested in.

Don't even think about that grossly overpriced clearstream. Just as Samsung and the other Asian LCD TV manufactures/importers came up with a new spin to sell more TV'ds called them "LED" when in reality they are not. Scamming the public into thinking they are somehow really different. The backlight is different, but the display is not.
Antenna manufactures/importers do almost the same thing with these new esoteric designs trying to re-invent the wheel. I have to laugh at some of these concoctions they come up with. And if that isn't bad enough, they inflated prices they charge. rolleyes.gif

Anyone can brag about how many stations their antenna receives. Trying one or another in the exact same location doesn't always tell the story. RF is a strange animal. Hard to predict, computer models or not.

Something like this. It's a 4 bay reflector design. It does have some backside reception;
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yes attic

1. no
2. south i think
3. no 

seems like no amp and bay reflector designs  with rotor is the best way to go for me from all this feedback.

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Did OTA channel 2 (33) change something in their transmission?
I cannot pick it up the last 2 days.
According to my HDHomerun tuner config - I have 100% signal strength, but zero signal quality and zero symbol quality.
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They added a new subchannel. I rescanned to get it with my HDHomerun.
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I was getting the primary and both subs but i'll rescan and see what happens.
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The rescan didn't find channel 2. Maybe my antenna/preamp combo doesn't like the cold.
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You can try one 4 bay antenna like what I posted. Unfortunately, Channel Masters original 4221 & 4228 are long gone. You can always do a search, you may get lucky, but watch out for the Chinese clones with a similar model number.
You can also get two of that design and put them back to back if one doesn't work to get the stations from Gilligan's Island,the Boston Hills and WPXJ in Pavilion. Again, you shouldn't need a rotor.
(You will never get Toronto with an antenna in an attic.)

Take a look over at the HDTV Technical forum.

corrected name of town
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Originally Posted by videobruce View Post

WPXJ in Stafford

According to the map i found on https://stations.fcc.gov/station-profile/wpxj-tv/contour-maps/ WPXJ is in Pavilion not Stafford. Here's a copy of the map for all to see.
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I just confirmed i'm getting WeatherNation & Antenna TV from TW & WeatherNation looks like a 16x9 channel with 480i resolution. My HD DVR will only show the 4x3 portion of the 16x9 image unless i change the aspect ratio setting to 4x3. I've tried all of the picture size settings & the picture size never changes on all channels. On my DTA weathernation can be seen normally so i'm wondering if this is happening to other TW customers or is the problem my SA Explorer 8240HDC.
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Yep, you're right, my bad, I got the towns mixed up. It is Pavilion, some distance from Batavia.

Yes it is a HD source, converted to SD since it is only a sub channel. Both sub channels are up and running. Hope this lasts longer than the last weathere service di a couple of years ago. It seems these services are prone to oblivion.
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WGRZ wouldn't be adding another sub without cable carriage. I think a weather sub was a good choice.
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Could my HD DVR only be showing the 4x3 portion of the channel because it's being downconverted to SD.
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It sounds a issue with the aspect choice of your TV.
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The aspect ratio is set for 16x9 & the picture size is set for stretch. I've tried changing it to normal but the picture size never changes. The only thing that makes weathernation display normally is changing the aspect ratio to 4x3.
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I'll have to take another look at it.

A better example for a low cost 4 bay reflector (bow tie) is here;

They have had it for $20 more than once.

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I changed the picture size setting to normal while watching an HD channel & weathernation can now be seen normally. This also means all SD channels won't be full screen anymore but most of the channel lineup is HD so it really won't bother me.
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Hi all,

I am relatively new to OTA reception and I have successfully installed and received many local stations to more than satisfy me for the future.  I live in north-central Grand Island (VideoBruce calls it Gilligan's Island) and have significant dropouts or overload from WNED and WNLO, but surprisingly none from WUTV.


What I am hoping to have answered is how to reduce the overload from WNED and WNLO so that I can receive the channel without significant drop-outs.


Since i have read at least a few people from Grand Island on here, I hope that there are ways to do this.  If it becomes too expensive to do, I can live with my current set up, but I just wanted to see what i could do about it.


Here is my TVFool Report (i don't know how to attach pictures so i linked it).


I am using a CM2016 antenna pretty much pointed at the CN tower and receive the locals plus many Canadian stations.


I have the line split to a TV and also to a DVR.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

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The only thing I can think of is a filter/trap. I don't have much experience with them though, as my house seems to be in some sort of magic bubble where I don't need them (I even get CITY 44 reliably) . Others here (I know videobruce for sure) use them though.

Side note: interesting that TVFool still shows CBLT and CBLFT as "pending" applications.
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