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Re: CBS Super Saturday / WIVB-DT-
I saw a lot of motion artifacts during Saturday's college football game, but the tennis looked good. Obviously football has more action on the screen... but how did WIVB-DT's signal look to others here in Rochester? In Buffalo?

I think WIVB-DT needs to drop the Doppler weather map (and WNLO-TV), and hand over the bandwidth to FOOTBALL on Saturday afternoons the rest of the season!
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I wish that they would also go high power, instead of 50%. I'm in total agreement with dropping the doppler during sporting events as well. It's too bad that the Rochester locals wouldn't get on the ball and get their digital asses in gear.
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I hate to ask a probably a simple question, but what is 39-1, 39-2, 39-3 all about?
I'm coming from a anaglog world.
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39 is the digital equivalent of channel 4 (WIVB I think off hand). 39 is doing what is called multicasting, transmitting 3 channels on one digital carrier. 39-1 is the digital feed of channel 4, 39-2 is the doppler radar feed, and 39-3 is WNLO. Multicasting is evil
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How many are you limited to? Four?
To get full bandwidth ATV/DTV (whatever you want to call it) only one channel in a 6MHz slot is possible? I assume the bandwidth is still 6MHz?
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Anyone know...

Channel 23 (39-3 in Buffalo) WNLO is going to be a UPN affiliate Jan 1. Will we be seeing any HD Content there???????????????

Enterprise, Twilight Zone in HD?!?
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Titan TV lists WNLO as going digital on Jan. 15, which seems odd considering that the signal is already carried on 39-4, Naybe that does mean an HD signal is coming, or maybe Titan TV is wrong again.
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Does anyone know if Buffalo's CBS will broadcast the wild card games?
CBS will be doing the playoff games in HD but channel 33 doesn't broadcast until 8:00 PM.I wonder if they will make an exception?
Anyone contacted them yet in this regard?
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I had to call and remind them that the SEC championship game was in HD. After the phonecall, they turned on the HD feed. That was at 6 PM, so , unless they forget, the NFL playoff games should be broadcast.
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That's sounds great. I hope that someone there is a football fan.
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Just found this url with google, it has some good technical specs for the Buffalo area TV stations.

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Yes, they have been 'turning on the HD' for many of the Saturday afternoon College games, so hopefully they won't forget the NFL!
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I have just this evening been reading the posts on HD football. I talked to the engineer at wkbw and he informed me that they will not be going on the air with high-def until June or July. Which means no super-bowl. Is it possible it will be on direct-tv? The good news is Monday Night Football will be in high-def next year. I am using an old rotar in the attic ( it was installed in 1976 ) and it gives me a signal of 100 on 2-1 and low 90 or high 80's with a samsung ts160. I live on Grand Island, if this will help anyone.
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For all of you Rochesterians out there...

How has the WIVB signal been for you the last couple of days. I haven't been getting anything significant since Tuesday, and yet last Saturday, I had a signal that was one of the strongest in over a month. IS anybody else seeing similar results?

Has anybody had any success getting channel 54 from Syracuse recently?

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The other night I had no signal at all.It was like someone forgot to turn on the switch or something.Last night I had a little break up at times but not enought to lose the signal.Just a little pixleation.
I hope someone flicks the switch for the wild card games.
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Originally posted by midnite cowboy
I have just this evening been reading the posts on HD football. I talked to the engineer at wkbw and he informed me that they will not be going on the air with high-def until June or July. Which means no super-bowl. Is it possible it will be on direct-tv?

Yeah, that is a bummer, WKBW has been pushing the date back for awhile.

I doubt ABC/DirecTV will put it up in HDTV though, even though they would have enough bandwidth (13 games in SD vs 1 in HD?) Don't think that our NFL Ticket will make them want to put it up there.. maybe if we deluge them with emails/mails/phone calls? No, doubt it...
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Last night the best signal I could get for wivb was 77 but my wgrz signal was 100 wherever I point my antenna. Its to bad wgrz does not carry more hi-def programs..does any one know if the playoff games on wivb will be in hi-def?
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CBS is going to broadcast in HD its just if wivb decides to start broadcasting early.They don't normally start broadcasting until 8:00 pm.
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WIVB has been fine the last couple of nights. I do remember some problems earlier in the week. I'm watching Syracuse channel 3.1(54) as I type. MY STB measures the signal strength Bad-Normal-Good. The signal strength is in the middle of normal which is approximately the same as the buffalo stations.

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I received an e-mail from John Merill at WIVB and he said the reason for low power was a blown tube at the transmitter, and was only 50%..Joe
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you should Email John and see if they're gonna flip the switch on at 1:00 tomorrow for the game.
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I e-mailed John and he said the playoff games will be broadcast Jan. 11&12
and next weekend as well. This is on wivb...Joe
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The NFL playoffs (Jan 11) are actually in HD! All I can say is 'woo hoo'.
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Yep !! Buffalo is broadcasting the game in HD! Not bad.. I notice a lot of pixelization though... overall pretty nice.. comparing it to the normal transmission, can't wait for next season!!

(They turned the signal on after 4pm, so don't get nervous if you don't get a signal early for the Jets-Oakland game)
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I noticed pixilation or tiling or whatever you call the motion artifacts I have seen on the live game ota, versus a live nhl game on hdnet. My signal was a steady 77%. Is this a bandwidth problem with wivb?
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I noticed the same thing yesterday.I don't know what it was but it's better than analog
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WIVB Multi-casts 3 channels (39-2, -3 and -4). I have heard this robs bandwidth. I get a lot of macro blocking on football games. Not a big deal on most shows though. Jets Oakland looks amazing! Even better that the Jets are behind
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Isn't the HD signal intended to use the whole transport bandwidth? Aren't they stretching things rather thin to try to multicast AND have a HD channel? Isn't football likely to be programming most in need of a full HD bandwidth? Isn't WIVB sabotaging HD by putting up a picture that is less than it could be, just when early-adopters and others curious about DTV might be looking at it the first time? Is it likely management is driving the multicast in spite of engineering reservations?

Is Ch. 23 going to have its own digital facilities, and drop off from WIVB's ch 39 signal? With WNLO not needing HD in general, will it take over multicasting the weather radar, etc? IOW, will ch 39 ever have a full bandwidth HD signal, or is blocking and pixeallation what we get in trade for ghosts, static and color errors?

As theoretical owners of the airwaves, do we the people have any right to answers to these questions? Or like so many other public resources, has the broadcast spectrum been donated to the commercial broadcasters in exchange for favorable treatment of incumbent politicians?

Do I ask too many questions for which the answers are obvious?
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Having read Joel Brinkley's book "Defining Vision" in 1997 I see that some things have not changed. The book reads more like a "political who done it" than a book of technical " what to expect". It seems as though no one in the political arena wants to take the bull by the horns, so we keep waiting for the hi-def signal and programing we really want. I am sorry if I rambled on but it is frustrating.....Joe
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What about the other Buffalo stations? Is "waiting for permit" mean they are closer to going live than the ones with a date?
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