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Mounting MartinLogan MLT-2 speakers

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Hi All,

I recently bought MartinLogan MLT-2 series, and I'm planning to mount these on my wall. But when I look at the back of the speakers, there are 2 holes which seems to be meant for mounting, but I don't see any threads to these holes, so that the screws fit them tightly.

Can someone please help regarding this like how to mount these speakers.

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Congratulations. Nice speakers.

Your set must have arrived without the manual. Here's a replacement:
See page 7.

They have keyhole mounts, often used on light speakers like these. You put a screw into the wall, and hang the speaker on the screw, kind of like you'd hang a picture.

It says "If model has two key holes, measure distance apart and use two screws." You can adjust the angle a little by how far out you leave the screws.

You don't need heavy duty screws, anything that will stay in the wall will do for these.
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I used a #12 machine screw in the top hole on the back of the speaker to mount to brateck sb-29 wall mounts. Holds nice and tight, no issues whatsoever.
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