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I saw in an old forum a fellow looking for DVD Jukebox Software. It took awhile but there is a company called "Wintek Software Company" that sells a DVD jukebox software and hardware that controls Sony, Pioneer, and Kenwood mega-DVD changers. It's a great way to get your DVD's stored in a safe place yet accessible at the touch of a button.

The mega-changers hold 300 to 400 DVD's usually. The software is touchscreen, MCE Remote, and keyboard/mouse compatible.

The interface is easy and smooth and looks like Media Center Edition, but actually runs with or without MCE; so that is to say it is XP/MCE/Windows7. It uses a wireless or wired LAN connected controller to control up to 12 jukeboxes, they say; I only have one!

The software catalogs the DVDs and entry is via movie titles, barcode reader or typing in the barcode number. Then it populates the data from the web including the DVD artwork. Real slick!

You can google them and look for the company name; I found them easily enough. (They also have a mega-CD jukebox solution too called Wintrax).

Hope this helps.