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Help/Questions about Energy Veritas V-Mini Bookshelf

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I bought 4xV-mini bookshelf speakers with a Energy Veritas V-Mini LCR (Center Channel)

My Room is 17x16 wit 9 foot ceilings. (open concept floor plan)

I heard these speakers and they sounded really crisp, loud and clear.

About to purchase a Denon AVR-2111CI as I can get it for a good deal.

80% movies/tv and 20% music

Few questions:

Is this a good setup me?

Is the amp a good fit with my system?

What type of subwoofer would you recommend? Budget is around $400-$500
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I have a pair of RC Mini's and they're very similar to your V-mini's.

17 x 16 is a good sized room but the Mini's might be okay. Did you get a great deal on them or something? The reason I ask is because the V5.1 is only $30 more right now at Vanns and would be a much better choice.



I have RC Mini and RC-10's and the difference is pretty significant, more bass and room filling sound from the larger speakers. It would be the same between the V Mini and V5.1. I would at least want the larger V5.1 as my front speakers instead of the V Mini.

As far as subwoofers, the guys in the subforum would probably recommend one the following speakers.

Epik Legend

Outlaw LFM-1

Emotiva Ultra 12

Denon 2111 should be fine. Of course I didn't know there was a 2111? I know about the 1911 and 2311 but not 2111. Are you overseas?
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Sorry my mistake its a Denon AVR-2112CI.

I got the V-mini's for $159.99 each and the wife didn't want anything big so the mini's fit the bill as I am going to mount the front 2 on the corners.

Thanks for the feed back.. I did hear them in a similar size room and they were quite loud and clear but I guess I will see when I get home.
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Well, when the wife speaks you gotta listen!

I think you'll be fine you've already heard them in a similar size room. Music listening will be more critical than movies but you're 80% movies so I'll think you'll be happy.

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I love the V-minis, and ironically also have mine hooked up to a a Denon 2112ci in a slightly smaller room. I suspect Pipa is as happy with his, as I am with mine. IMO they are superior to the RC-mini.
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