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I thought I would share my investigation into implementing the ISCP over Ethernet (eISCP). I have an Onkyo NR5008 that I have tested it on.

I wrote a Java implementation of the eISCP that allows me to control my receiver from a computer. Right now its just a command-line app, but it shows the eISCP packet and how I got it working. I have also documented some "gotchas" when creating the packet of data that gets sent to the receiver.
It should help anyone else trying to get this working.

A full post is at It also has a link to the latest version (v1.21 dated 2011) of Onkyo's protocol doc, and the full source of my Java app.

My long term vision/plan is to create a single remote control (network based Android app) that will control my:
  • Onkyo AV receiver (eISCP)
  • Panasonic Viera TV (uPnP)
  • Panasonic BluRaY (uPnP)
  • cable STB (? maybe a IR blaster via lirc)
  • MythTV (myth network control)
  • Zoneminder security (http)
  • Universal Devices ISY99 Insteon home lighting controller (ISY JSDK or rest)
  • Elk security system via UD Isy Elk module
  • and web browser
This might take a while.