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Kuro-500M blue noise / blanking screen

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Bought a Kuro-500M around October 2009.

The last few months it's developed a problem, mostly with 720p and 1080i inputs. Source doesn't seem to matter, it happens with our DirecTV HD DVR and a HTPC.

About 1/3 of the time there is now blue noise on the screen. It also has a habit of blanking for anywhere from 1-10 seconds at a time. Doesn't seem to be associated with being cold or warmed up. Sometimes it will go hours with no problems, sometimes it's near constant. Switching to a SD input usually fixes the problem.

Below are a couple of photos of the screen illustrating the blue noise problem.

Is this a known problem with a remedy, or am I about to buy a new TV?

Thank you.
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Wow, that looks like ballz...
The photos are much appreciated, and I've never heard of anyone on the AVSforums encountering this issue. ...You mention you run into this problem when watching 720p and 1080i inputs, what about 1080p (BluRay inputs)? Maybe Direct TV is the problem??? I really haven't ever heard of a 500M issue before, maybe it's your Audio/Video Reviver, or your Direct TV Reviver

In my experience: Pioneer's TVs have never been the problem
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i agree with the above post. that is strange for sure. can you let us know what your video chain is like? i wonder if there is some sort of component in the mix causing this...
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At present the only input device attached to it is a DirecTV HD DVR.

DVR HDMI cable ---> wall female HDMI outlet ---> cable in wall ---> wall female HDMI outlet behind TV ---> HDMI cable to TV

Previously had a HTPC with the same problem, DVI out --> wall ---> in wall cable --> outlet behind TV --> cable to TV. That was always 100% 1920x1080p output and had the same issues, so I think it's the TV.

I'll give component cables a try to see if there's anything different ...
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hmmmm... between your DirectTV and HTPC, are you using the same HDMI cables and outlets? i would try a different or new HDMI cable and run it direct between your source and TV to see if that helps. you might have a bad cable or HDMI jack. its worth a shot....
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