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Acer K330 - How to get the 3D Picture...

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I have the Acer K330 LED 3D projector. A wonderful machine...

It would be better if 3d works as Acer described, with my Blu Ray Player.
The 3D manual on cd says it works with Pc AND Blu Ray Players... But how? I can not activate the 3d function of the K330.

Any idea?

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm German
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It only supports 3D in 1024x768 (4:3) over a VGA connection from a computer running special software. You can't get 3D over HDMI, or in widescreen or 720p.
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But the manual tells me it must work!
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Originally Posted by Paddo5819 View Post

But the manual tells me it must work!

Sadly the 3D manual is a general manual for ALL Acer products, not specifically the K330.

So again, what you want is not possible with the K330. It cannot do what you want. If you were told that it could when you bought it then I suggest that you stop using it immediately and return it as soon as possible for a refund claiming false advertising. There is no way to make it do what you want.
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Great, thank you Acer....

What about the Optome 3 D Sl Box?
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Is someone have tried the acer k330 and the optoma 3D XL?
Thanks for your answers!
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On the Viewsonic PLED W500 thread someone managed to get 3-D working in post # 214.
Viewsonic PLED W-500
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ya,you can do 3d over hdmi with acer k330 with nvidia vision 2 Thanks to Colmania


for acer edid replace

Use this H5360 inf file: http://www.ixbt.com/dvd/benq/w600/Acer_H5360.inf

Eureka! It worked. I now have 1280 X 720 @ 120Hz progressive signal from the nVidia GeForce 9600GT to the PLED W500. Thank you Sisyphus for your tips. Creating custom resolution was the key. Creating the keyboard shortcut helped zero in on the issue. Last night when I tried it I think I had accidently changed the timing to one of the presets available in the nVidia panel. Everything went dark and hdmi out of range error displayed on projector output and I could not get back. Also I believe that the nVidia panel had crashed. Today armed with a keyboard shortcut to reset resolution I tried again with the following settings:

Horizontal pixels: 1280
Vertical lines: 720
Refresh rate (Hz): 120
Color depth (bpp): 32
Scan type: Progressive
Timing->Standard: Automatic

and voila it worked.

To create custom resolution for nVidia graphics cards go to
nVidia Control Panel -> Display -> Change resolution

Then click on the 'Customize' button and then click on 'Create Custom Resolution' button.

Then enter the settings from above and click the 'Test' button.

Hope this helps someone...

2.Well I see that many have trouble getting 3D working in 720p.

I have used 3D in 720p for about 6 months over HDMI without trouble. So I want to share my total solution for this.

First of all I use nvidida usb dongle simulator for use of any active shutter glasses.
Then spoofed with ACER inf. file.

Then following settings must be used for transfering 120hz 720p through ordinary 1.2/1.3 hdmi cable :

Horizontal pixels: 1280
Vertical lines: 720
Refresh rate (Hz): 120
Color depth (bpp): 32
Scan type: Progressive
Timing->Standard: CVT reduced blank

Important to use reduced blank because projector cannot handle ordinary timing. Though not any difference in picture.

BUT now we have the "attempt to run stereoscopic 3d in non-stereo display mode" red text showing even though 3D is all perfect. This is how we solved this one :

Download PE EXPLORER and install it, then open following file with it : "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\NVIDIA Corporation\\3D Vision\

Press "Resource Viewer\\Editor" and inside folder named bitmap search for file called 201 (201 is general error code). This bitmap has settings for fonts and colour + transparent background and we need to delete it, but we cant just delete, instead replacing with a blank bmp.

Download attached 201.bmp and save it.


Click "open" right next to replacement source and use downloaded 201.bmp.
Save the file nvstres.dll and overwrite original (or make backup first).
You may have to disable and enable stereoscopic for this to work.

Now voila you will not have the red text coming up any more and fully functional 3D 120hz through 720p and with custom active shutter glasses! And best of all it is over ordinary HDMI cable and not bulky modded DVI.

Thanks Colmania for all the info. and Tehen
I just received an acer K330, 3 days ago.
I tried the steps you described in your post and managed to get 1280x720 120hz over both VGA and HDMI.
I use a 3dvision 2 kit and an H5360 inf file to activate the 3d vision.
The only problem is that left and right eyes are inverted and I did not found how to change that for the last two days (so I'll have to use the 3dvision glasses upside down).
For the dlp glasses ... I have just bought a pair of acer e2w today . I am going to try them in the next few minutes.
I do not know how you managed to find the hack for the overlay test in nvidia dll files but it is really helpfull , thanks.

update: 3d dlp glasses work perfectly. I just had to cover the nvidia IR emitter otherwise it interfers with dlp sync from the projector.
3d seems a little bit better with the dlp glasses (no ghosting at all) but image colors seems a little bit better with the 3dvision 2 glasses. But these differences are very subtle (and my eyes are a bit tired at this time of the night (1am here)).
As a side note for those interested by this kind of 3d solution, 3d dlp mode on the projector(acer K330) makes the projector's fan spin faster and much louder. I do not know if it is the same with the w500.
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