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Sharp LC60LE6300U Information thread

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Bought the Sharp LC60E79U LCD at Bestbuy on Saturday, after looking at the bestbuy website this Monday morning I found they have a new Sharp LC60LE6300U. Basically the same TV but LED instead (what i really wanted but wasnt willing to spend the extra $$) I cant seem to find any reviews for it yet since it is new but nevertheless I took my 79U back to Bestbuy and exchanged it for the 6300U since they were both the same price. I took a risk here since I havent seen it and havent read any reviews. They are all special order currently and not carried in the Bestbuy retail stores. I assume I will be one of the first to have it and I will be sure to update on its picture quality once I get it, expected arrival date is on or before Sunday.

Anyone have one yet?
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I just ordered the LE6300U from AZ yesterday (for a great price), awaiting delivery prob next week.

In comparison to your old set, the 6300U has less HD inputs. It has 3 HDMI's and 1 Component. Your original set had 4 HDMI's and 2 Component. But I feel that the 6300 is a better panel with the LED tech and a dynamic contrast of 4million to 1. There isn't any info I can find on the contrast of your original set.

Don't fret about the lack of HD inputs though, you can grab one of these switches for that, I've heard nothing but great things & just ordered one. The switch swaps between signals automatically: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...00_i00_details

The LE6300U is basically the same as the LE632U (minus an extra HDMI and SMART technology built-in). You can read reviews on that set on AZ or the web to give you a feel for it: http://www.amazon.com/Sharp-AQUOS-LC...2008921&sr=1-2

Also, here are the links to your old and new set on Sharpusa.com so you can see all the specs:



I think your new set is a better panel so hopefully you'll enjoy it.
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Thanks a lot for the info! I am not too worried about the missing HDMI input, I just have a PS3 and a DVR, plus I use a Receiver so I normally only use 1 TV input anyways.

I just went back on Bestbuy and Amazon where they sell it and the price is now 300-400 more then what it was 2 days ago! Someone must have made a mistake because it was only this price for less then 2 days. Hopefully I wont run into any trouble picking my TV up. I guess I got really lucky seeing it for that price and jumping on it quickly because Bestbuy decided to change there mind on the price asap.
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I got mine at BB last night for the lower price. Monday night I saw it online for the lower price, Tuesday morning it had gone up $400. So I went to the store for an explanation. The salesman and I discovered that the price jumped up overnight only online, but the in store price stayed the same. Even he said it was strange.
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is this an older model tv? does anyone know if this is a 2010 or early 2011 model?
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