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Decision time! Extremely confused. Samsung vs. LG

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Hello everyone. Been lurking around the forum for a while now. My old Samsung DLP finally bit the dust. With BF right around the corner I've been in heavy research mode for a new set. After doing quite a bit of reading I'm really exhausted. There are so many opinions that I'm really having a hard time digesting it all. So I come to you all for advice. This set will be for the basement/man cave/rec area. Recessed lighting throughout not very bright. The size of the room and placement of the TV would be so that you're 12ft away from the screen. On to the decision.

The two sets I am torn between are the Samsung U55/60D6000 and the LG LW5600.

Things that are important to me in the new set:

- Image Quality ***
- Build Quality **
- Longevity *

After reading about the flashlighting/clouding. I start to lean towards the LG with local dimming. I don't really care for 3D. Since they're both priced the same, the 3D seems like an added bonus, which in turn makes the LG seem even more attractive.

Are these my best two options this BF for an LED based set in the $1099-1400 range?

Looking forward to any response to help me along in any which direction.

Thanking you all in advance,

Disgruntled, yet excited man with no sleep
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I'm in the same boat, however I did buy the Samsung 6050, which is going back.

Horrible flashlighting in the corners, which is very evident in a darkened room. If I watch a Blu-ray at night with the lights off, it looks like my TV is a Vegas casino, with four spotlights, one in each corner.

This is with the backlight dialed down to 8. Brutal.

I'm going to purchase the LG 5600. Two reasons - it's an IPS panel, which doesn't inherently suffer from flashlighting like VA panels do (Samsung is a VA panel) and it has local dimming. IPS panels are by default brighter than VA panels and hence the local dimming is a key feature for watching at night.

Hope this helps.
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Hmm....I don't know, the 6000/6050 is cheap right now, loaded with features, and has some of the most accurate colors and grayscale out of the box, of any tv. (in movie mode)

Unfortunately, if you are watching an aspect ratio that is wider then the tv, the set cannot use the LED dynamic dimming feature to remove the flash lighting created to brighten the film, so you see it in the black bars. When content fits the screen, not so much.

The set's blacks are only inky black when there is ambient light in the room. If you can create a theater that has ambient light you can live with, hard to beat the 6000.

Of course a set with local dimming will stomp any edge lit set in that department.
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The best way is to get both of them and compare them in your own home. What others' opinions of "good" PQ may not be the same as yours.

That being said, you really can't go wrong with either of them. They're both great sets.
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I am interested in both of these sets as well. The LG is really enticing at its current price point bit Samsung are very good looking sets.

Looking for some advice with the purchase. Thanks.
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