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Rear center speaker size in 6.1 setup

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I know the bigger a speaker, the better it is. However, as rear speakers are less used, they may be smaller, especially for the cost-concious.

Though I had sufficient funds, and I opted for six Aperion 5B bookshelf speakers, one Aperion 5C center speaker, and a HSU STF-2 subwoofer for my middle sized living room. However, I have not had the opportunity to set up my rear surrounds yet due to my room restricitons and thus have not assessed the performance of them yet.

I am about to set up my 6th speaker as the rear center channel because I will watch Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Extended Edition blu-rays which are encoded in DTS-HD MA 6.1.

Some websites, such as the one below, shows a bigger classic center channel in their diagrams of 6.1 speaker configuration:


So my question is, should I have bought a second center speaker for using as the rear center channel? In other words, should I have bought a second Aperion 5C, instead of another 5B bookshelf, for the purposes of a 6.1 setup?

If you answer is "yes", then would not this contradict with the fact that 5Bs would probably be sufficient if used as the rear surrounds in a 7.1 setup? If so, then I understand that one can use smaller speakers in a 7.1 setup for the rear surrounds, but should use a bigger center channel for the rear center channel in a 6.1 setup.

I will appreciate your comments. Thanks.
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The 5B bookshelf speaker will work perfectly well as a rear-center speaker. Hook it up, and enjoy!
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IMO, the Surround Back speakers and the Presence (Height) speakers are less critical than and they don't need to be timbre matched with the other five (Front L&R, Center, Surround L&R) so we can have more options in choosing these speakers. As we normally mount the Surround Back speakers high on the wall, a center speaker might be too big and too heavy.
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Thank you guys for your responses.

I am dividing my question into three sub-questions and rephrasing in a more simple way for more fruitful answers:

1) Which speaker (tower vs center speaker vs bookshelf) is sufficient for rear center channel in 6.1 setup?

2) Which speaker (tower vs center speaker vs bookshelf) is sufficient for rear right and left channels in 7.1 setup?

3) Whichever type of speaker you choose, what size (large vs medium vs small) speaker is sufficient for both setups?

I will further appreciate the comments of people who tried their 6.1 setups for watching Star Wars and/or Lord of the Rings Extended Edition blu-rays.
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No other comment?
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MG428, all the speakers you listed (floor standing, bookshelf, center) can be used for the surround & surround back channels. Unlike the front speakers (R, L, Center) which need to be at ear level, the surround & surround back speakers need to be raised above the ear level to properly reproduce the ambient/surround sounds. How high they need to be depends on the room size, how far they are from the listening position and your preferences. It'd be ideal to use the same speakers for the front and surround channels so if you're using tower/floor standing speakers for the 2 L&R fronts and if you can position the surround tower speakers higher for surround effects, using the tower speakers for the surround channels is a good idea. Bookshelf speakers should also work great for the surround channels.
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