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Newbie: BOC or Wall Paint???

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Hello everyone. Just picked up the Epson 8350 from Best Buy today. I'm going to be ceiling mounting the projector 12-15 feet from the screen. I have very good light control, white ceiling and light yellow walls. The wall I'm projecting on to is very smooth and no bumbs or dents. Just wondering what will give me a better picture a BOC or painting the wall. Maybe i can get my hands on a sprayer. Any help would be great! Thanks everyone!
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If you want to experiment with the wall. First roll on a coat Kilz white latex primer. Then a couple of coats of Behr Ultra White Flat Enamel. Sand lightly between coats to remove any dust nibs or roller marks. There are directions is you search for a rolled screen. Then project on it and mask the image area with black felt tape from a fabric store--or paint a flat black border around it (using green frog tape to mask it after the screen dries a couple of days). If you like what you see and there aren't any wall imperfections, then go for a final couple coats of special mix spray paint--see DIY screens like MaxxMudd or Silver Fire. Or you can use BOC on a frame. Wall is easier, though--no frame to contend with. You might find the Behr is all you need, though. It should give you a 1.0 gain screen.
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If the Wall is as blemish-free as you state, I would not advise trying to experiment with "rolling": as every time you touch a Low Nap roller to the wall you risk introducing either roller marks, runs, drips, or sagging, as well as unwanted texture. Or worse, any combination of the aforementioned. Correcting such things can be a problematical effort at best, and wholly ineffectual at worst. The PJ can be a spotlight to reveal every mistake you make. And ....with your Room's color scheme, You could never be happy with any "White" surface, so that would just be a exercise in futility.

So at this conjecture, why bother to spend the time, money or take such risks?
Spraying on "anything" right from the start assures one of the best possible chance to achieve a perfect surface...or as nearly so as a person can achieve.

BTW, no chance at all that a BOC Screen unpainted could ever match the performance and image quality a painted "hard & smooth" surface can provide.

In your case mjbrowny21, unless you can consider changing the colors of the room (Ceiling -and- Walls), even with effective light control you must use a paint solution that will combat the effects of the Screens reflected light being collected by those surfaces and bouncing off them, lighting up the room like a giant light source (...which it is, exactly.) and washing out contrast.

So lets examine your choices based on the inability to change the Wall / Ceiling colors.

Much depends upon the size screen you want as relates to the height of the wall it will go on, as well as the proximity of the walls/corners to each side of the screen. Please provide a few extra parameters so they can be taken into account. Include your seating distance as well.

If you want "Big" and that means crowding the ceiling or walls, then you "absewlutelee" must consider these two things:

A. Mount the PJ at the closest possible Throw to achieve the desired diagonal screen size.

B.Use the darkest possible Screen Paint that will still deliver enough gain, and maintain quality whites and vibrant colors.

Even if you have 10' ceilings, and the side walls are 5' away from the edges of the screen, reflected light will still be an issue with light yellow walls and a white ceiling. So a Dark Gray screen it must be.

With that determined, the only real choice is as to if you want to use a basic Gray with just a few enhancements that offset the attenuation and Gray introduces, or a truly advanced Paint mix that assures you of optimal performance. Once we determine that, we can get into the spraying aspects.
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Hey MM thanks for your expertise!
1. I can mount the projector anywhere so I can get it close. I ordered the Chief RPA 168 mount.
2. Looking to have around a 109" screen
3. Wall height is 7 1/2 feet
4. will probably view from around 12 feet away
5. Diagram of room below shows that the picture will be close to the wall on the left side but then an entry way to a hallway on the right hand side.

Any help on painting a screen would be great!!
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Hey guys, I have a similar setup to OP and wanted an expert opinion as well before I venture into the DIY screen world with no prior experience.
I have a panny7000u shelf-mounted at the back of my family room directly behind the seats. It is a 22' throw to the wall where I am projecting a 140" wide picture on to the smooth light beige/cream colored wall. My ceiling is very high (25ft) and there are windows that I have blacked out so can get the room almost pitch black when I need to. Also, the floors are hardwood and do reflect a lot of light (i have a small area rug in front of the screen now which helps but looks like crap w pj off) As is, the pj looks great with darkened room but not so great with ambient light and all but unwatchable during the day with shades open. At this long a throw I realize I probably need to get into a hg screen especially for watching daytime sports/gaming and 3d bluray.
My issue is that I am currently renting and do not want to spend too much time/money on a screen that I may not be able to use after a year. After reading tons of posts with Great info, it seems my best option is to do a wall paint application (owner ok'd). With my limited painting experience, I am wondering if a boc or cheap manual screen might not be a better solution.
Not sure if I should look to use a spray gun (have zero experience using one) or a roller. Not sure if any base coats are needed and of what type of paint I should be using (I'm guessing a grey base though). Any help or input is much appreciated.
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Your Throw and Screen size severely limits your choices, and wanting to stay at those levels means you absolutely must have a screen with more gain that anything you can achieve using a Roller.

But I won't blow smoke 'atcha....nothing you can do will allow you to leave the curtains open in the daytime and have a watchable image. You Pj's throw is just too long....period. As it stands, with those parameters, you need a Screen with a minimum of 2.0 gain....preferably higher, but unless you want to be restricted to sitting almost directly in front of the screen, that most likely won't be too realistic in such a big room.

You do best to reconsider the size of the screen since adjusting throw doesn't seem possible. 120" would be a "do-able" size. Those who know me well know I advocate going as big as possible, so my suggestion isn't anything if not advice rooted in necessity....not preference.
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