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Mobile Rig - Need Advice for Layout

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Hi guys. I'm semi-new to the forums. Recently I've just wanted opinions on the best layout for the stuff I have. I would not call this a home entertainment system. Maybe a mobile rig would fit better.

I always wanted something mobile so I could, if need be, wheel this thing out of my small bedroom and into the living room. I live in an apartment. Also, primarily it's used for the PC, secondary Bluray player. I do not have cable. I posted pics and a video below to give you an idea of the space I'm working with. I could just do good cable management and leave as is, but I'm wanting to change things up a little. Biggest change would be getting everything relocated on shelves to the right of where it currently stands. But if you factor in people coming over to watch a movie, the room they'd have, the placement of it all, which wall would be best. Also, is there anything I need? This is truly a single man's room. Nothing fancy here. The video tells it all in terms of the equipment.

-Samsung UNC46C7000 TV
-Samsung BD-D7000 using Optical w/Soundbar Bluray
-Samsung DW-H450 Speakerbar w/ -Wireless Sub
-Custom PC
-MacBook Pro w/ Twelve South Vertical Stand
-KVM Switch (HDMI) using RCA w/Soundbar
-Apple Time Capsule
-APC Battery Backup
-DLink 8 Port Switch

Everything is wired, one wire going off cart to router. Can be easily disconnected. One power wire (battery backup) going off cart).




Current Location - Between Living Room and Bathroom doors.

Wall to the left of the doors

Wall to the right of the doors.

Wall opposite of the doors.

Thanks in advance!
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Oh yeah. I'm hiding my remotes under desk on both sides with Velcro. One for Speakerbar and other for TV. Now I have a Bluray player which adds another remote so I said screw it. I use the Samsung App on iPhone as remote control now.

I have a wireless 360 controller, Logitech headset, 3D Glasses, and some other peripherals. I'm thinking to make a HTPC and make current computer into a server. Also, I thought about getting a sturdy multi-shelf put onto the bottom of cart. Nothing to large. Stack equipment on shelves vertically, but taking up less room due to smaller sized PC that is small enough to fit on or underneath shelves depending on what type of shelf system SI buy.
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I think it's cool.
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Great solution for the bedroom, well done.
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Dang thanks guys. I guess I'm doing something right?

Well, again I have seen many members on this forum with crazy home theatre systems. As nice as it would be to have all that, it is not my desire. I do have the functionality I need / want. I'm just looking to make the setup better. Or maybe I should say the layout?



Minor Question

Anyone know of a 3D Glasses storage? Something sleak / nice? Ability to store 4 or more pairs safely together? Might just use individual hard cases sort of like how Oakley does it. Maybe I will steal one of those rotating sun glasses racks from the local clothing shop. Not a big deal. Just wondering how you guys store them safely.
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Moved the bed on the opposite side and put dresser inside closet. Fits good clothes don't overhang it.

Put system on other side. So basically it was a swap. Cable management and cleaning to come.

And for the gran finale. Wireless. OMG!

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That's what I thought about my last picture. Why yank all the cables? Not just Ethernet, but power and peripheral cables. I had to. Just had to.

Put the dresser inside here

No more rig here...

The room entrance. Sorry I know this ain't MTV Cribs.

Here it is. Look at all that room in the left and right. Not sure what to do...

Side profile shot of cart. Bluray player had to go on top of PC due to short HDMI cable. Fits good, though.

Opposite Side

Basically went on a cleaning spree. Cable management was maybe OK at best. I still need to run to the store and get some good stuff.
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