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Measy X5 3D Full HD Bluray media player (Realtek 1186)

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Yet another one I found when I read about it on mpcclub. coms forum:
X5 product page:

I love the case design. Better than the Iconbit XDS1003D.
Very simular specs to the XDS1003D, but no english forum or firmware details. I sent my usual questions directly to Tech support email addy.
I googled and found an etailer stating Nov. 27th Sale $169.99 here: http://www.w2comp.com/detail.asp?cat...571700&private

Upfront, I'll tell you, it uses Simple BD menu 1.0.
I've got a feeling theres going to be a flood of Realtek 1186 media players coming out. Oh, and so you know, the Realtek RTD1186 is the 6th gen from the RTD1185, but that the 1186 has full 3D Bluray support and the SDK 4.5 New Casablanca GUI.

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Has anyone tried this media player? Any more information? Looks like a very promising player from what I can read / see on their website.
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All these 1186-based players seem to have similar issues with 3D playback, namely correct playlist (fixed now in HiMedia's HD900B), no forced subs in ISO or MKV, none of the PGS subs working at all in 'Avatar', etc.
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The manufacturer doesn't have an eta on fixing this? I don't really care about 3D at the moment, but in a couple of years when my son stops being the destructive Bumble-Bee transformer he thinks he is, I will be ready for 3D...may be the technology will be better and 3D glasses will be gone.
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No. We flag issues and others in other forums do as well. Then, keep fingers crossed and hope some (and if we're lucky most) get resolved over coming months.

In a couple of years, there will be many more choices, including Sigma's entry into 3D.
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Brajesh, flaging in forums the issues and no direct communications with the firmware developers is what concerns me. There are about 5 other Realtek 1186 media players that I have not listed. I have not even heard from my emails from Measy nor from one other. The lack of communication tells me some things. Lets all use the same soc RTD1186, and all pump out similar chinese design hardware cases and then move on with very little fixes for our customer and take the quick sale and make something else. With the way media players are made and their firmware, they need the consumers to help better them. I don't have a disposable income!
Luckily, I have 3D at work to keep me busy.
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Agreed. Here, we've been relying to Leo (HiMedia's U.S. reseller) to get our requests to HiMedia. I did get a direct e-mail for HiMedia support, but they asked me to send them ISO's for 'Avatar' and other BD's I had issues with. How the heck would I send those to them in China?! And, even if I could, I wouldn't for legal reasons. So, I'm hoping enough users making the same fix requests via different forums will encourage them to address all the big issues.

The HiMedia HD900B is the first Realtek-based player I've owned. In the past, I've stuck to Sigma-based players as I heard better things about them in these forums compared to Realtek.

In terms of 3D, the Xtreamer Prodigy was the first player I considered. After multiple delays, I gave up and ordered the HD900B. Good thing I did as 3D playback seems worse on the Prodigy based on reading their forum. So far, on HD900B, it's been decent, but there remain some critical issues (forced subs not showing, 'Avatar' subs for Na'vi parts not showing, etc.), but they did fix the playlist issue by letting BD-lite support 3D so we could choose the correct 3D playlist in movies like 'Toy Story 3', 'Cars 2', etc. But SBS & top/bottom 3D MKV's don't appear to work, and some BD's like 'Rio' have 3D proper sync issues.

I don't know, sometimes I feel like saying the heck with it & buying the Oppo BDP-93. It supports full BD menus and plays 3D ISO's perfectly. Of course, it's $300 more too. Then I think, maybe wait a little longer for HiMedia to fix those lingering issues on the HD900B.
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Brajesh, the Oppo BDP-93 will only play 3D Blu-ray ISO's from a connected USB HDD. (I know you know this), but if it only would work via NFS streaming ISOs. I read over at: http://www.hifivision.com/media-stre...-streamer.html

that a user with the HiMedia placed the GIEC 2nd place.
For shits n giggles, here's the list of RealTek RTD1186 3D Media players:
(in no particular order)
Micca EP950 Full HD 1080 3D Media player (coming December?)
Magic Box HD 1200 (http://g-mini.com/products/25)
HDPro-i6 (http://www.datage.com.cn/products/HD...dia-Player.htm)
Zero Devices Z200
eGreat R300
MyGica V9 (http://www.mygica.cn/cpzsinfo.asp?id=129)
Measy X5
HiMedia 900B
3D Android Media Player BT-3550B (http://www.ebluetimes.com/en/Product...202&SortID=195)
Kaiboer K660i
IconBit XDS1003D
Xtreamer Prodigy 3D
Eaget M70
GIEC HD300 3D hdd media player (http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/in...topic=104086.0)
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Wow, I can't believe how many different media players are coming out from china. It would be nice if we had something similar in the USA rather than dealing overseas.

That's the main reason why I bought the A-300 since their office is 2.5 hours away from my residence. My wife ordered it for my xmas present. So, if something goes wrong with it, I will drive to their office and get my $$$ back
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Yes, a USA reseller and a USA presence with s/w dev communication forum with the users would be great. With so many media players, I would think one of them would be smart enough to get into the USA market and sell really well if they worked with the consumers better.
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Originally Posted by theaxledentaldj View Post

Yes, a USA reseller and a USA presence with s/w dev communication forum with the users would be great. With so many media players, I would think one of them would be smart enough to get into the USA market and sell really well if they worked with the consumers better.

Agree 100%. That's another reason why I bought the A-300. Whenever I called Popcorn Hour, they always had an answer, with the exception of one question. Tech. support is suppose to call me tomorrow to let me know the answer since the sales rep. I was talking to wasn't sure.
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Well I have not heard back from the company. With these types of communications and these mass produced Chinese products, just to mass sell and to never hear from the manufacturer and firmware dev team makes a no purchase for me.
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I bought Measy X5 last week from China: http://www.asiapads.com/index.php?cPath=190

As I know X5, HD900B, Kaiboer 660i, Zero Devices Z200, Egreat R300, etc. ALL of them mount same motherboard. So the differene is on the case, built-in or not wifi and fan.
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Yeah, I suspect some manufacturers are using simular motherboards and simular firmwares, but each are making thier own cases. So, since you have one, care to do an indepth review? Does it have the same issues as the Himedia 900b? Added to my list of Realtek 1186 3D media players
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Originally Posted by JRAP View Post

I bought Measy X5 last week from China:

As I know X5, HD900B, Kaiboer 660i, Zero Devices Z200, Egreat R300, etc. ALL of them mount same motherboard. So the differene is on the case, built-in or not wifi and fan.

Can you give us your impressions with the Measy so far?
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I can, but I chose "Free shipping" so it will takes at least 15 days to arrive (sent out status now...)
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I'm looking at getting the measy x5 but have questions please I'd like some answer if possible.

I want wireless option to extend wireless down stairs from upper floor wireless router. Will this unit offer that via the included wifi dongle? Or am I on the wrong track? For extending the range to my tablet or other wireless products?

I'm comparing this unit to the following.

Egreat r300
Himedia hd900b
Blu times
Datage hdpro-x6
Datage hdpro-i6

All have Realtek 1286 chipset. All do pretty much same from what I can see. Some don't have antennas and wifi.

What can everyone recommend???

Also believe product support to be essential in terms of email and firmware updates.

Thanks in advance
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The email I got from them just assures me what I thought, do not buy a Measy X5!!

Measy Electronics Co.Ltd
Add:RM.1506,Blook B,HaiSongBldg,Tairan 9th Rd.Che Gong Miao,Futian,Shenzhen,China*
Tel:+86-755-2398 1803
Fax:+86-755-2398 1800
sales:* sales@measy.com.cn
Tech Support: support@measy.com.cn
发件人: Dxxxxx Sxxxxx
发送时间: 2011-11-28* 02:18:02
收件人: support@measy.com.cn
主题: Technical questions on the X5
1.*Does*it*or*will*it*have*full*3D*Bluray*Profile*5.0*licens e*with*full*menu*support?

They took a long time to get back to me and didnt answer any of my questions.
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Whether there are here users of the X5? There was an information that the model-clone of this player (I will not name yet concrete model) has no such problem. Someone can confirm or deny this fact? It is very important to clarify the situation for RTD1186 based players.
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What kind of hdd should you use with this player? What specs are good e.g. spindle speed, size etc.
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Information about the model-clone of X5 has appeared incorrect. The question is removed - stuttering most likely are at this subj (IMHO).
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HI there,

Hopefully someone else has purchased a Measy X5.
I've had mine for a couple of weeks and I am still trying to work out some of the bugs.
I've been having issues with DTS HD Master 7.1 as well as Dolby TrueHD not playing.
DTS HD Master and Dolby TrueHD audio work only 1 out of 30 tries.
I have tried and retried multiple audio settings, cables, inputs etc. all without success.
In the Measy audio setup I have:
Yes to - Setup" > "Audio" > "HDMI Output" = RAW and "SPDIF output" = "RAW".
Yes to - 'Surround Sound' is set to HD audio.
Every once in a while the DTS HD Master or Dolby TrueHD catchs but if I pause the movie and then hit play, I lose the sound.
If I have the surround Sound set to 5.1 internally (where the Measy down converts) I have no problems. Of course the sound is not bit stream passed in full 7.1
I have changed HDMI cables, inputs on my receiver. All of my other HDMI audio devices in HD sound work perfectly. It appears that the signal coming from the measy is corrupted? in some way.

Is anyone else experiencing this.
Perhaps another firmware upgrade is needed. I am currently running firmware 2.09

I have just been informed of a new firmware update. I am currewntly downloading it. I will try installing tomorrow. I will post any changes.

This appears to be a decent machine. As I stated I'm still getting used to it and I am hopeful that I can obtain full HD sound support.

Thanks in advance for your help or experiances with the Measy X5
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Well I successfully downloaded and installed the new ‘Custom’ update for the Measy X5 on June 21st.

HD audio problems are all but corrected – Thank you. Occasionally the HD audio does not catch at the beginning of a ripped Blu ray ISO but all I have to do is simply hit ‘pause/play’ twice and all is corrected. So HD audio on Blu ray rips is/are functioning.
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so is this player anygood i will be using it for xvid and mkv files.have the subtitles been fixed on certain media types but it doesn't matter if it isn't fixed i don't use subtitles.
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I would stay away from this one if I was You, Go with a Dune or Popcorn Hour.
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Yes the player is working well.
The X5 has played all files that i have tried: M2ts, mkv's, xvid's, ISO's (both DVD and BR)
Subtitles with the latest firmware update are not default on for DVD's (therefore corrected) but still on for M2ts's and BR ISO's. quick selection to turn them off and they appear to remain off for the duration of the movie (I'll have to verify that one, but I bleive that is correct).
Streams well from my server and of course the internal HD as well as the USB HD. Interface is fine. I had been using the WD player (without HD) and while that interface was somewhat better, I really disliked the scan functions on the WD (very, very slow and choppy, never really knew where you were scanning to). The X5 is far superiour in this regard. An interesting option that I was unaware of is that the 0 -9 keys take you directly to that point in the movie, ex, if you hit the 5 key on the remote you immediatly start playback at 50% into the movie, and it's very fast - far better than the WD player (this function works very quickly regardless of whether I'm on the server or accessing from a HD).
YouTube & premium apps are fine though I really don't use them very much,
I am waiting to hear back if there will be a way to load Netflix on the X5.
I choose this over the Dune or PCH as I was concerned (rightly or wrongly) about the latest copyright concerns with blu ray ripping and playback on these two devices. As well the Dune player seemed to be getting some poor press at the time that I bought and considering the increased price I thought I'd give the X5 a go. Of course once the firmware updates come out (over the next months) I'm sure all the players will work fine.
I wanted a player/streamer to play ISO's with HD sound and a few mkv's and xvd's and the X5 does that very well. Now if I can get it to load Netflix I will be happy.

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from the look of X5 I bet a internal hdd would get hot--this is my pet peave as I like my hdd's running cool
I have a dune base 3.0 that plays flawlessly and I have 900b POS.
The 900b stutters on Andromeda tv series and the dune doesnt--hate it
I am looking to another player but it wont be realtek unless they fix the issues
the 900c is a step in the right direction in form factor but bet its just got a 900b main board
Couldnt agree more with you guys about these crappy chinese players
I use dune explorer jukebox on the dune--why in the hell is there no juke box working on the himedia and micca--the devs are not taking any notice
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Yes the HD gets screaming hot. I'm not running an internal presently (loaded one up to verify that it worked but I'm currently looking for a 5400 spin HD to put in the X5 - the one I tested was a 7200 spin and I just don't need that for a streamer). But when I do I will try the cover off first, if that doesn't work well enough then I plan on running a couple of extension sata and power cables to the HD and then just let the HD sit/hang at the back of the cabinet being air cooled (the machine will be in a cabinet so you won't see any of this other than the front cover interface, which is fine with me - covers off isn't a prob).
As for comparing it to a dune model - the Dune HD Smart is $320 plus shipping etc. It should be better as it's 2x's the price. Pay less (for something like an X5) then accept that you might have to live with some conditions.
As it stands my X5 does, very well, what I need it to do, watch blu ray and DVD ISO's and some mkv's and xvids.
No stuttering so far (fingers crossed) and I've watched, say 10 movies and 10 TV shows on it so far (BR, DVD & mkv's and Xvids) and the vast majority of those have been off of a server.
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I did get a hot swap hdd caddie that had a fan in it and lifted the lid on 900b and ran sata connection to the caddie with power--worked great--then made a custom box and put main board and caddie plus front panel--cost a bit but hdd,s come out cold--have a 50mm thin fan under the hdd
glad yours is playing everything so far good
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Is there an modded firmware or custom firmware for this ?
I dont mean the firmware from w2comp ..
I would like to see NFS working on this ..
any ?
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