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Originally Posted by carlsberg112 View Post

Is there an modded firmware or custom firmware for this ?
I dont mean the firmware from w2comp ..
I would like to see NFS working on this ..
any ?

The NFS client in the Measy should be working. Do you want the Measy to be an NFS server? An NFS server requires a specific kernel option to be enabled and I don't think any of the RTK1186 players have that kernel. I could be wrong.

I think the CS custom firmware is the only custom firmware for the Measy X5. There might be more because they aren't too difficult to modify if you have Linux experience. There is a firmware for the HiMedia by OllyP except the installer wouldn't be compatible with the Measy.

I have the Micca EP950 with the 1186 and I have been using the CS custom firmware made for the HiMedia HD900B. The CS firmware for the Measy X5 available at w2comp should be about the same as the CS for the HiMedia. I have looked inside the install.img for several of the CS custom firmwares and they look about the same inside the squashfs.img.

I have just tested the NFS function used by the player to mount a remote directory and fetch files and that is now working for me. I had to enable the NFS server on my Debian box and now the player can find those files properly. Is that what you wanted? Edit: The player can play the files over NFS not copy them or perform the file operations. That is similar to UPnP not Samba. There is no Green button with NFS.

I really like the CS custom firmware. You have telnet, bftpd and ssh available and already setup. There is the ipkg system installed and you can choose from many packages to install. You would have to telnet or ssh into the Measy and run the installer. The CS firmware uses the 4GB read-write flash so the system can be customized very easily where the factory firmware is mostly read-only and cannot be changed except by rebuilding the firmware. I use my mc file manager program to connect using the ftp protocol and that should be very similar to NFS except you can't mount a directory. I really recommend the CS custom firmware if you know Linux and want to tweak the player.

If you want the Measy to serve files by NFS then I don't think that is going to be possible unless the kernel was originally built to support the kernel NFS server. I don't know if any of the 1186 players can do that. I would like to know for sure if that is actually possible.

I just tried to use the ipkg program to install hdparm and found the /opt directory is read-only in the CS firmware. I did this to fix the problem:
rm /opt
cp -a /system/rtk_rootfs/opt /data/
ln -s /data/opt /opt
/opt/bin/ipkg update
/opt/bin/ipkg install hdparm

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Hi there. Sorry for my bad english, but have a few questions about this box.
Just got myself a new one, and wonder on the pakage it say samba/FTP and other ways to connect to box.
How do i connect to it using ftp?
I dont have any option in meny's on the box.

possible to connect to it using any ssl programs like putty or Secure CRT?

Samba is soooo damn slow on network when transfer files from a windows 7/8 computer.

NFS i dont know if its possible.

Upgraded to 2.10 to see if there were any changes but cant find any.

Hopefully you guys can help på with this.

Best regards Thomas
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does anybody know how to install an internal HDD. Just bought the X5 and a new WD 2TB sata drive but media player says "no device" when I go to the format menu. Had same problem on my Kaober H1055 plus and never solve problem.

Do I have to format new drive first or should it recognise it "out of the box"
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Hi, I have a disk of 2TB whit format exten and I not have problem.
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Did you format drive first with a PC before installing in the Measy?
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Dont format it in windows.. wrong file system.. just plug it in direct from the box.
Same here 2TB WD disk.. and no problem to find it.
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I did try to plug it direct but didnt recognise the HDD. I have connected the Measy direct to PC and formatted that way and now using that way. I can't, however, got the "movies" tab to recognise any films- I have to access via File Manager.....any advice

Is NTFS best or is EXT better for this player or is there no difference.

Also notice that when I format it via PC then format again using Measy format tool it won't recignise HDD when formatted via its format tool!!
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I am looking at buying one of these. I see in the beginning of this post (a year ago) that there were a few bugs. Have the bugs been fixed, are there any still there or new ones?
How does it handle MKV and 3D MKV?

How hard is it to install the custom firmware and is it working better than stock firmware?

What is the price range of this device. I see it on Ebay for $160 and then on Amazon for $360. Seems to be the same unit. Any idea why it's so much more in the states?

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Hi i am from Brasil and i bought one Media Player like this.

Does anybody knows if i can install skype in it ?

Can i install a webcam in it ?

"sorry for my english"

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So it appears that Measy X5 and all other Blu-Ray ISO playback products have been pulled and are no longer available. All firmware updates have been removed. It appears they got in legal trouble over the players being able to decode and play back Dolby encoded HD audio.

Very sad day, big studios win another victory in their war on consumer rights.
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hi every one, i have been using the datage x-6 for about 2 years now, tried th i-6 but couple of failures. have been selling the x-6 in australia now for 2 years and never had 1 fail yet and only found 1 file format that it doesnt play. youtube videos.play3d, over under, side by side, outputs dts,dts-hd 5.1 and 7.1 and truehd 5.1 and 7.1.they have good customer support as well.. itimportsaust.

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