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Full SBS 3D MKV to BD-R (.iso) ???

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Hi All,

So the point is...i'm currently playing a TRON 3D Full Bluray with Intel HD 3000 graphics with no problem trough HDMI 1.4 to a Samsung Led 3DTV.

But this is the only 3D BD-R I have, the rest are all "Mkv Full SBS.

> I tried to play MKV full SBS with HDMI 1.4 and the screen goes 100% Black...in 1920x1080@24Hz. (With POWERDVD, WINDVD and TOTAL MEDIA THEATER).

> I tried to use "Stereoscopic Player" with K-Lite codepack Basic, but i couldn't...(I tried Stereoscopig Player with NVIDIA 3D VISION in other computers and i could sucessfully, but with INTEL HD i dont have a "Intel 3D profile in that player".

So now im trying to move (BD-R 3D Authoring) all my FULL SBS MKV to 3D BD-R (Iso image if possible, to not use a BD-R disk). And maybe i don't have a BLACK-SCREEN and plays with no problem like my Tron 3D Bluray..

Do you know a way to do this? i hardly want to play 3D FULL SBS MKV using all my TV 1080P Screen (Not just the...33% of the screen with 66% of Black Borders) and using Intel GPU with HDMI 1.4v.
And (if its possible) using also DXVA because my 1.7Ghz i5 processor is not good enough for a FULL SBS MKV --> 99% CPU Usage. Power DVD doesn't use my CPU at least with TRON 3D Bluray...but it-s not working with FULL SBS MKV.

Best Regards,
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users of the Shark007 codecs use the Stereoscopic player without issue.

More information is posted HERE
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But, we are talking about INTEL GPU?

Because i don't have any problems with NVIDIA GPU and i think i won't have problems with AMD GPU.

The problems is Intel, it doesn't have 3DVision or AMD 3DHD in STERESCOPIC PLAYER.

>With Nvidia 3D vision, when i switch the player (Stereoscopic player) to fullscreen, the player (the 3D vision really...) FUSION both Image in one 1920x1080@24Hz resolution and the TV detects automatically the 3D Source.

> With intel i can't use 3D Vision and when i go Full Screen, the 3DTV doesn't detect a 3D incoming video...and it shows a 3840x1080 downscaled to 1920x1080@60Hz resolution.
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So...any news about this?

I'm still trying to make a 3D-Bluray using my FULL SBS MKVs
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I was wondering this same thing, since I have the same problem but I'm using an AMD GPU. It plays regular 1080p files fine, but with a full SBS file it goes to 100% cpu and crawls through the file (even using stereoscopic players).
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Which AMD GPU?

Try PowerDVD 12. I don't see any problem with HD 6530D (in Llano quad-core APU), silky smooth, CPU usage ~40%.
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I have a Zotac AD02 miniPC, which has a very weak CPU (AMD E350). The GPU is AMD Radeon HD 6310.

I tried PowerDVD 12 and have the same issue. I get like 5FPS when playing a Full SBS file. I also made sure that hardware acceleration was on.
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CPU and GPU of AMD E350 are underpowered to decode 4K x 1K AVC.
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That's what I suspected, which is why I wanted to know if it could be converted into a Blu Ray ISO, so perhaps it would be handled differently by a Blu Ray player software and not be so slow.

At the worst, maybe I could stick it on a USB drive and play it through my Blu Ray player, since it says it supports "AVCHD Disc Format Folder", which I'm guessing is what's used on BR ISOs
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BR 3D uses a special video codec, called MVC (Multiview Video Codec), that is an extension of the normal AVC (Advanced Video Coded, so-called H.264). I don't know a video converter that converts SBS (Full) to MVC (and then create a BR 3D ISO).

Converting SBS (Full) to SBS (Half) and playing it with E350 may be possible.
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It plays half-SBS files fine, but I don't know of any software that can easily convert full SBS to half SBS (i.e. I would need to decode, resize and re-encode), so I guess I'll just have to stick with half SBS files.
Thanks anyway.
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