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Anyone having problems with jittery exports on eyetv?

Got HD 1080i recording. plays perfectly within eyetv, when I export and play on any player on my mac or PC (vlc, smplayer, kmplayer etc etc) It's jittery and unwatchable. This is the same when exporting to pre-set 1080i setting or native lossless options.

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I don't export my EyeTV recordings but view the native .mpg file with XBMC. I have had some problems with the video being jerky in spots with XBMC but not when viewed with EyeTV. I was told to turn off the deinterlacing on XBMC which may have helped some but not completely. It happens infrequent enough now I have not tried to find any other solution.
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funny, i watch my mythtv .mpgs on eyetv, they play better than xbmc, and the interface is less sucky;-)
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It looks like whatever the issue was has finally been fixed in the latest update.

In the mean time I found the way around this was to access the .eyetv recorded file, right click 'show package contents', copy the mpg file, and handle editing of that in other software.

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hadn't seen the latest, but playback on it too stutters on my mini c2d/3gb/10.6.8...guess i'll stick w/3.5.4. and i just noticed the dock icon doesn't show the little running triangle...wtf? otoh, the dock's always been flakey, hiding turning off after fullscreen apps close/switch out...
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Turning off spotlight helped me
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thanx, but i've had spotlite turned off for some time...
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