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I just got a Pioneer VSX-53 as my AV receiver and can't wait to get everything hooked up but quickly ran into some snags and could really use some help (manual and forum hunting has not yielded anything actionable yet)
  • sound directly via TV: any tips or hints as to how we can get sound directly via TV speakers instead of surround just using our HDMI cable? This is how we had it using the Directv receiver, only the HDMI cable was hooked up to the TV.

    I have Pioneer Elite PRO 1150HD and have a Directv HR-24. Currently i have it hooked up via HDMI and Optical out from Directv receiver to the AV Receiver (HDMI Input 1 and Optical Input 1, respectively.) There is another HDMI cable (HDMI Output 1) from AV receiver to the TV (HDMI input 4.) I have tried to setup the AV Receiver as both CONTROL box as well as just straight HDMI input, either case, i am unable to get sound directly over the TV speakers. I have tried going to the TV's control menu and setting sound to come over PDP which does turn on sound for a couple of seconds but then the receiver powers off! Please note the TV speakers are directly hooked up to TV and to the receiver so not sure why it powers off. any tips or hints?
  • related to above note: i thought that the VSX-53 is supposed to support HMDI video bypass (at least that's what i think the feature is called) whereby, you don't have to have your receiver on and yet get Directv to push audio-video to the TV...any tips on how I can enable that?
  • while waiting to get my Paradigm speakers to show up i was wondering I can hook up an old set of cambridge sound works computer speakers that i have from a few years ago? I have been unable to find the impedance for these speakers and wasn't sure if it was too to risk hooking them (sorry a newbie question )

thank you so much for checking out the post and in case you have any suggestions.