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Anything that can take HD and make it all 720p30?

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I have a weird problem that hopefully has a solution. I like to capture game footage from PC, Xbox360 and PS3 and then send it off to youtube. Right now I use a hauppauge colossus pvr using component cables and it works for everything but I'm either recording at 720p60 or 1080i neither of which easily makes it to youtube which seems to like 720p30 best, well 29.975. So I need to do a lot of re-encoding through Sony Vegas which takes time even on my Intel 2600k machine. Is there any scaler that can take in 720p60, 1080i, 1080p and make it all 720p30? Even worse i'm not sure if the colossus can even accept that format it says "input format determines the recorded format." so i'm hoping if I can some how feed it 720p30 it'll record that. Maybe I need to look into a different capture card? Not sure but I figured I would start here.

Thanks for looking.
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Unfortunately not. 720p30 is not a valid broadcast format and a TV's component (or HDMI) port won't accept it.
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Crap, thanks Fudoh closest thing I've come across is a gefen SDI to DVI scaler but that's getting up there in price and i would still have to convert anything to SDI to even get it into the scaler.
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You only need to do a simple frame dropping for 720p60 source with avisynth using suitable filter. That should be quicker and give better results than re-encoding the whole. For YouTube I'd just shoot with an HD cam or webcam.
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Thanks kilian.ca but that's the problem, I would like to record at 720p30 so it's a straight upload instead of converting the file with avisynth/megui, basically just wasting time waiting for a render. Right now I capture at native resolution 720p60 or 1080i and then have to re-encode it to make it 720p30. I would like to record it all in one shot and get to uploading and was hoping a scaler could accomplish this so anything I feed it 480i/720p/1080i/1080p it would output the 720p30 that youtube likes. If 720p60 worked properly on youtube, like if they just did a selecteven() in avisynth it would be easier as I would only need a scaler for 1080i/1080p material but most of the time i've tested 720p60 it comes out looking horrible and I would like to minimize inconsistencies.
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You might want to look into another capture device. I think to remember that the Avermedia capture device lets you select 30fps/60fps directly for the recording. Might be worth to check into the manual for that...
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Thanks Fudoh,

I'll have to look into that when I get some more time, would have been nice to do it all in hardware with the hauppauge colossus but I guess I don't have a choice, do you happen to know if the avermedia would accept the 1080p signal and also scale it to 720 or would I still need an external scaler for that?
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