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Epson 5010 owners thread

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I thought I might start an owners thread for the Epson 5010 since I received mine on Friday and it was suggested we move the discussion from a few of the others that are ongoing. Overall I can't say enough positive things about the projector so far. Although, I do realize my frame of reference may be slightly skewed coming from a 4yr old Epson home cinema 1080. I know that many will begin to receive their orders next week so I look forward to hearing from everyone about their initial impressions. Lag doesn't seem to be an issue but without solid objective measurements please don't take my word for it. 2d to 3d conversion seems to be cool but certainly not a replacement. Might be worth checking out during some of the games this afternoon. The Epson glasses work well but I'll have to find a smaller set for my children. The youngest spent last night holding the Epson model up to his face throughout the movie. Plan to checkout "fifth element" tonight so I'll post more of my 2d impressions after that.

-Apologies for the thread duplication, need to have one of the moderators delete this thread, I missed the already established owners thread.

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Welcome to the club but you're a day late starting this thread.

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My brother owns an Epson 8350 and I own a 5010. I put them next to each others and I gotta say, not much different. The specs are way different. You got a difference of 150,000 in contrast ratio. And the 5010 is double the price. So I know must be doing something wrong. Can you guys tell me if I should notice much difference in 2d or not?
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You should, and the link above has more discussion.

Sounds like you got buyers remorse when you didn't see a HUGE difference in picture quality, vs your brothers, now, much less expensive pj. Double the price doesn't mean double the picture quality, that would mean we should get a 4k pj in my mind, but we won't see that for a while.

You paid for a newer pj, that has some nice advantages over a very good pj in it's own right, the 8350. Creative frame interpolation, better blacks, brighter image, longer lamp life?, and 3D capability. Some would say the 3D feature would be worth the price. Sorry those improvements didn't seem warrant the price difference in your opinion, but you can sell the 5010 for a slight loss, and buy an older 8350 and pocket the difference.
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Hi all,

am so confused. I have a sub 1K budget for a 135" diag screen. 20x12' room, 2 levels of seating. Epson 5010 PJ. am looking for a adequate 2D AND (active) 3D screen. the room is totally light controlled (dark).


AirBright 3D2

CineGrey 5D - there newest option, 1.5 gain, but i think narrow cone

what do you guys think? or do you suggest another brand? Please keep in my budget.

please help!

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