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What I need is a clone of myself. I have enough stuff to test to fill 2013 and probably half of 2014 as well.

Funky waves subs, AE TD18's, BMS 18n862's, Fi Q18, Obsidian 18, more pro5100 and mtx 9515 tests. Building bass guitar cabs, etc...And some other things I can't even discuss.
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Oh, I know you're really busy Josh. Just wanted to give the thread a poke with all this AE group buy 2013 stuff teasing me.
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Originally Posted by Scott Simonian View Post

You know what Data-Bass.com is missing?

A W15GTI test. smile.gif

Anyone have the packing material? I have the woofer, but nothing in which it can safely be sent.
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Yeah that too. smile.gif I was going to reply about it in the NS18 vs thread but....

How about a bunch of closed cell foam? Maybe a whole bunch of eggcrate type? Make a big ol' pillow around the driver so it's sitting on a cloud. No good?

I'm not sure what else to do other than building a sturdy box to insure a safe trip. I'd still like to have one of my RLp18's tested but I don't trust that they would make it there and back safely. redface.gif

Btw, I just skimmed through your blog. Interesting stuff. I most agree with you on all the amp stuff and your kitties are adorable. smile.gif
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