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Algolith Flea ~ HDMI

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* Algolith has since disapeared and sold it's technology to another company>

I have a Flea-HDMI, that has some display/power issues. When an HDMI source is plugged in the Power/blue LED turns off then on then off> unplugging the source HDMI turns it back on...and allows me to switch through the menu system, so it is working...but will not sync to a source signal.

Does anyone know who repairs algoliths hardware? I contacted the company that purchased it's video processing technology but they don't sell hardware only software.

There has to be someone that can still repair the Algolith~hardware on the market somehow?

* Anyone on this forum please contact me with any information.
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Algolith sold its technology? Do you know what company?

I wish lumagen, or qdeo would have bought it, there still the best noise reduction on the market.

Last time i had mine repaired i just contacted them, they were doing broadcast tv hardware but they still helped me out.

There gone entirely now?
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NR from the Lumagen Radiance (VXP filters) really looks close enough from the Algolith (still the best) NR.

Algolith has been sold to Sensio 3D technologies.

I do not know what happened to the last Flea, Mosquito and Dragonfly they had in stock.

I would have liked getting a Mosquito HDMI just for fun.
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* Yah, Algolith is no more> there is no building or employees left anymore after they got sold...Just a PO box for mail or something.

Would like to know if someone knows where to send the unit in for repair though, there has to be someone that repairs their broadcast hardware out there still.
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