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High Speed HDMI Long Run

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In the process of wiring a partially unfinished basement and have determined that I need two 50' runs of high speed HDMI. Both will run the same length for about 20-25 feet then go in different directions from there. Monoprice has 22awg 25 feet that fits the budget. The question that I have is, how do I get 50 feet?

Is it .... 25' - Coupler - 25' - repeater - wall or is it 25' - repeater - 25' - wall?
Or could it be that there is no solution?

Moving the rack to an area within the 25' zone is a possibility, I just want to know now before I finish framing and putting up dry wall.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Two passive 25' high speed cables connected in series do not make a 50' high speed cable. As you have seen, longest high speed cable is about 25'. That doesn't mean a 50' passive cable might not work for you. It all depends on the bit rate (resolution, color depth, frame rate, 2D/3D) you require, the electronics on both ends, the cable and the environment.

So, a 50' passive cable might work for you. A repeater between two 25' cables might work. There are 50' active high speed cables. There are also various extender products, few of which are the equivalent of a high speed cable. If you go that way, one of the HDBaseT devices that are starting to hit the market might be the best way to go.
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The electronics will follow. I want to future proof the basement (as much as I can at this time) and let the components follow. I'd rather have more then I need then not enough and have to fish lines out of the wall.

Right now all we're talking about is a PS3, Sony receiver (5.1, not sure of model right now), and HD DirecTv. We've talked about 3D TV as a possible future purchase.
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Well, if you can reduce the run to 25' you are good to go with a passive cable now, and for anything in the foreseeable future.

IIWY I would put the rack where you want it. In my house, the gear is all house in a built-in cabinet off a hall. If that means 50', then so be it.

1080p60 requires about half the defined HDMI bandwidth. It is quite possible to do that over a passive cable at 50'. 1080p24 3D (BD) requires somewhat less. So, you should have no problem with it either. The big question is do you want to be able to support higher bit rates, say for 1080p60 3D for gaming, DeepColor, etc. If you do, then you want the full bandwidth. To get that you will want an active cable, or a good extender. IIWY I would go with a HDBaseT solultion. All you would have to run would be one Cat 6 cable.
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Ok, so to make sure I'm following the bouncing ball correctly....

I see us having 1080p60 3D for gaming / DeepColor, etc. So for this it is recommended to have HDBaseT. Set up for this seems simple, hub and Cat6 cables - the question I do have is if I put the transmitter in the rack can the receiver also be in the rack and the 50' runs terminate at the wall where I would plug in my components? Or does the long run need to occur between transmitter and receiver and the shorter runs between components and receiver? Confused?

Main reason for HDMI was to be able to switch satellite between the 3 TVs in the basement when the kids hijack the PS3. Will I lose this with HDBaseT?
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The long run goes between the HDBaseT transmitter and receiver. That is the whole purpose, to give you a way to transmit HDMI a long distance.
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