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Settings Clarification (Not a what settings should I use question)

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I am having a hell of a time here. I love TruMotion and from what I hear its a love hate relationship. Anyway, I than noticed RealCinema Google'd it, guess I understand it. But came across this and its blowing my mind, I feel it is contradictory, so hopefully someone can explain it to me.

Short Version:
Can someone please explain this to me? This statement sounds contradictory to me, I put two put symbols around the two parts that contradict each other.

(MEMC - Motion Interpolation and Motion Compensation)

Real Cinema works with 24p film content. When the Real Cinema function is engaged with TruMotion, the TV will reproduce each of the 24fps five times resulting in what is called a 5:5 pulldown, eliminating the judder in 24p content. There is no MEMC present when Real Cinema is engaged in combination with TruMotion.

Now wouldn't a 5:5 pulldown be the definition of Motion Interpolation? Basically I am trying to find out Real Cinema On or Off and will it do anything for me with TruMotion (Negatively)?
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I always thought real cinema was capability of the set to accept 24 FPS movies directly and then using MEMC fix the judder caused by 3:2 pulldown. By using True Motions 120Hz and resulting 5:5 pulldown, TV still accepts 24 FPS movie signal (part of real cinema), but does not need to use MEMC, since there is no judder. At least this is how I understand it and it makes sense, but I don't know if it's right. After all, all this slogans probably come from marketing department and I'm not even sure if they fully understand technical aspect of their TV to begin with.
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Thanks for your reply. That is my understanding too, (just for double checking I got what your saying), does that mean keeping both options on that the TV will choose the best option dependent on the source material being fed to it?
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When you play 24 frames/sec on 60 frames per sec TV, some frames need to be displayed twice in the row and some 3 times to keep everything in sync. Because of that when for example panning the scene, the picture will visibly speed up and slow down, depending on if you see 3 or 2 frames. You could partially fix that, by interpolating, or creating extra frames in between, positioning moving object half way in between real frames to smooth it out.
Playing 24 frames at 120 frames display, you only need to display 5 times each frame since 120/24=5 exactly. So you don't need to create any frames in between to smooth it out, the motion is as smooth as the original movie.
And again this is how I understand it, but I've been wrong before.
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And BTW you don't notice that much, that the film was done at 24 FPS, you don't see objects jumping from one frame to another, because your brain compensate, however that speeding up and slow down due to 3:2 pulldown is very visible and often distracting.
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RealCinema controls 3:2 pulldown

TruMotion controls MEMC

The two are separate and unrelated other than both require a 120hz panel.
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