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Hi Everyone,
I'll be using this thread to post periodical Zoom Player test builds up to the v8.1 final release.

The link below will always have the latest build:

Change list from v8.0 final:
  * Zoom Player now has integrated LIRC support. LIRC transmits and receives
    remote control signals.  This allows computer control using almost any
    remote control.
    See: for the Windows port by Jim Paris & Ian Curtis. for the original project.
    Using the LIRC section of the options dialog, you can directly assign
    remote control buttons to Zoom Player Standard, Extended and Navigation

  * New "/CONNECTTCP:[address or IP]:[port]" command line parameter.

    By default, The TCP/IP interface works as a server by waiting for 3rd party
    applications to connect to Zoom Player.
    With the "/CONNECTTCP" parameter, Zoom Player initiates the connection
    itself with a local or remote server right as it launches.  A server must be
    listening on the specified address and port for a connection from Zoom Player.
    "c:\\program files\\zplayer\\zplayer.exe" /CONNECTTCP:

  * When connecting to the TCP/IP control interface, Zoom Player automatically
    issues a "3000" notification message if an error dialog was visible prior
    to establishing the TCP/IP connection.

  + The Zoom Player Install Center now notifies to close any active media
    playback software.

  - Running on Windows 7 with the windows shell set to an application other
    than "explorer.exe" would cause Zoom Player to crash.

  - With "Aggressively Hide Mouse Cursor" (Adv. Options / Interface / Mouse /
    Settings) enabled, the mouse cursor no longer re-appears when opening
    a fullscreen navigation interface.

  - The "/SKINDVD" command line parameter used to set the DVD skin actually
    set the audio mode skin by accident.

  - The Video icon was being shown for Blu-Ray movie index files instead of
    the Blu-Ray icon.