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Need Help with New In-Wall HT Setup

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Hello everyone. I'm in the process of finishing my basement and need to decide on the in-wall (front)/in-ceiling (rear) speakers to pair with my 59" wall-mounted plasma. This is where I should mention that I know almost nothing about speakers! I have looked at everything from Polk to Speakercraft to Sonance to Paradigm (and then some) but find myself going back to Paradigm based on a few recommendations. My first thought was the CS-LCR (x3) for the LCR and CS-60R for the rears. Later thought AMS-LCR (x3) with the AMS-100R was the answer. But... I'm concerned the bass from the AMS-LCRs is going to be disappointing (there will be a sub, maybe I'm overthinking this) so am thinking about the AMS-350(x2) for the left/right, AMS-LCR (x1) for the center and AMS-100R for the rears. I'm trying to keep it in the $2K or less range for the five speakers.

Any thoughts on the various set ups listed? Other in-walls (front)/in-ceilings (rear) combinations I should consider? Specific models rather than manufacturers would be appreciated.

Sorry, for the rambling post but I'm way out of my league here! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Home Theater Setup (so far):
Samsung PN59D8000
Panasonic DMP-BDT210
Xbox 360
Logitech Harmony 900 (most likely)
Subwoofer (current Mirage LF-150 or TBD)
Belkin PureAV PF30
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In a proper 5.1 system, all the bass should be routed to the sub anyway - so anything below 70-80hz will not hit your other 5 speakers. In-walls are not known for their bass output.
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Just wondering what system you ended up going with? I am looking at the exact same question.

2 x AMS-350 for L+R
1 x AMS-LCR for centre

Option 2
3 x AMS-LCR for L+R plus Centre.

I am going to have a DSP3200 sub and Yamaha A1010 receiver.

I am not an expert and just researching like most - my reading leads me to thing the 3 x matching LCR will better as the crossover to the sub will be same across all speakers. But then the uneducated part of me is curious if 2 x 8" drivers on each side (in the 350's) with the LCR in the middle is better?

Given I will have a sub to handle all lower freq - perhaps 3 x LCR is best?

Does anyone have advice?

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