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XBOX Live Issues

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I don't even know if this is because of the update or because of what I did below.

This morning (after the update) I changed the email address associated with my Windows Live account. Now I can't sign into XBOX Live at all.

I can still sign into the Xbox Live website (with my new email and password) but the XBOX won't sign in.

Is there something I'm missing that I need to do?
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I think their servers must be swamped due to the dashboard update - or they broke it - after I upgraded the dashboard last night, I couldn't get onto Live at all after that.
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Last night I was having all sorts of wierd issues initially. 1st I could not get logged into live. I checked all sorts of setting, and the Xbox said there was something wrong with my router (there was not). I kept on pressing sign into live, and then one time it did, told me there was a dashboard update which I did, but after the update I could not sign in again. I did the same thing, kept on pressing 'sign into live' and after a few minutes I was able to with no further hiccups.

My suspicion is that the servers are swamped. It is a good thing they are doing the updates in phases. Keep trying to sign in, it should work. If you thought it was a gamertag issue, try to sign in with another account.
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Thanks. I still can't sign in with my id but I'll keep trying. I am going to assume it doesn't have anything to do me changing my email on my Live account for now.
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Had a bunch of issues last night but was able to log in and play.
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...ah, and wouldn't you know it. One more attempt and it worked.

I didn't think that would affect anything (since the gamertag is associated with the live id and it shouldn't matter if I change my email and shouldn't have to change anything on the xbox). I just wasn't sure....
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