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Faulty Philips 42" Plasma - Please help

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Hello, I'm new to the forum.

4 days ago a friend of mine gave my a faulty Philips plasma TV, and hoping I could at least try attempting to fix it, I took it off his hands.
The model of this TV is 42PF7520D/10.
I made a video and uploaded it on Youtube showing how the TV behaves when plugged into the outlet (I tried to remain as still and silent as possible so that hopefully somebody here or on Youtube could identify at least a bit of the problem by the clicks)
Strangely enough, the TV never behaves the same each time its plugged in. Sometimes the green power LED turns on and the power remains on for a few minutes (without the backlight or panel turning on, only the LED) then goes into a cycle where the power LED turns on and off every few minutes, and sometimes the TV displays what I believe is the error code using the power LED (The error code is on the video, please take a look).
The backlight of the TV turns on and it looks as if its about to say 'No signal' however, before anything happens, it turns off after 3 seconds max.

I checked the caps on the power board, they all seem to be fine .. none of them are bulging or looking as if theyve blown.
I would be willing to buy a power board for this TV, however, they are extremely rare due to the fact that the TV is from somewhere around 2004-2005.

Thanks for reading, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Link to video: youtube.com/watch?v=EmFLrdDGXF8
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Not sure if this will help but worth a look.

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A cap can be faulty and still look fine, and more rarely a cap can look destroyed and still work fine.

These Philips plasmas were notorious for failed power boards. Could you please tell us what model power supply board is in it?
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Thanks, i'll definitely have a look at that. Looks like it might not have my specific TV model, however, its always good as a guideline to see what is worth checking out

I've had a chance to read about the way the Philips TV's always had failing power supplies and how people tell each other to stay away from them.
Is there any way to check if a cap is blown, e.g. with a multimeter? I've tried some of the caps using a digital ohmmeter and they appeared to be 'charging' as the value was increasing.
I haven't had much experience in this field of expertise, however, i'm sure I could manage desoldering and soldering back in a component which failed.
The power supply model number is 3104 328 42741

Thanks for the replies so far
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