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HT-S9400THX or HT-S8409?

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Hi, I purchased a Mitsubishi 73" DLP 3D TV (WD-73640) and would like a 7.1 sound system to go with it. Should I grab an HT-S9400THX or HT-S8409?

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If you are dead set on an HTiB then the 9400THX is the way to go.
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Other 7.1 brand i should look at?
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IMO the 9400THX is the best HTiB on the market with all components being of the same company. My wife's aunt & uncle have the 9100THX, and my step-bro has the 9300THX, and for a complete HTiB they sound great. Those systems have the same speakers as the 9400THX just different receivers. Just remember the freq. resp. specs on the speakers and sub are a little misleading as they dont have a +/- db. But THX specs say to meet certification the sub must hit 20hz at -6db and the speakers must hit 20khz at -6db.
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hows the bass on these systems
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The sub hits 20hz @ -6db. For an HTiB you won't find one to match it. Sound is pretty tight all speakers and sub are sealed.

If your really serious about home theater and want loud and deep bass then you should look into buying seperate components.
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I have the 9400thx and love it, just beware the speakers and sub a very big so make sure space wont me an issue. As far as bass goes i actually turned the sub down slightly one night because it was thumping so hard. The best bang for your buck, i paid 780 shipped from b&h photo.
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